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  1. Anyone want to buy the other stuff from me so I can buy the blue? I don't need the extras.
  2. PO: Eels - The Deconstruction

    Will be going with the box. 12", 45RPM and better color. Just picked up tickets to the Chicago show.
  3. I'm not counting on it. I should have watched this more closely.
  4. Disappointed I missed this. Hopefully another press.
  5. PO SOON: Snot - Get Some

    This showed up at my door yesterday. A good surprise.
  6. Amazon OOS Waiting....

    I've been waiting since 2014 for the Norah Jones boxset to come back in stock. My guess is I'm not going to get it for $40.
  7. What the hell is this?
  8. They announced that all preorders will be signed and will be available worldwide in November. https://www.facebook.com/speedowax
  9. I've been waiting for this for awhile. A band I saw on this tour opening for Marilyn Manson. http://constantrotation.bigcartel.com/product/ny-loose-year-of-the-rat-l-p-vinyl-test-press-5-made NY Loose, Rock'N'Roll' garage punk, with attitude and vulnerability in equal measure. a killer rock band who made one of The best albums of the '90s and now it's finally on a 12"vinyl record. records will ship "fully tracked" late November 2017 Pretty Suicide 2:29 Rip Me Up 3:58 Broken 3:02 Apathy Is Golden 2:13 Dragonfly 2:55 Sunday Morning 3:15 Detonator 2:11 Song For Margo 3:38 Kiss My Wheels 2:43 Hide 3:41 Trash The Given Chance 2:56 Spit 5:51 1 lucky pre-orderer will win a copy of the test pressing in an exclusive autographed sleeve xxx
  10. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I just got one. Not gone yet.
  11. Cancelled my order and got a refund from Popmarket. They still sent me the record. Disorganization in the takeover? Still waiting on my Newbury order.
  12. Isaw them on this tour when I went to see Deftones and System of a Down. The train wreck of a lead singer kept trying to get everyone to sing, and no-one knew the words. It was the most awkward show I've ever seen.
  13. Anybody ever fuck with Croatia?

    I've been to Zagreb. There's a waterfall national park there that is the most beautiful place I've been. I highly recommend it. http://www.adventurouskate.com/the-waterfalls-of-krka-national-park-croatia/