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  1. More Teen Idols stuff going up either tonight or tomorrow. When i find out, you'll find out.

    Album of the year: Lillingtons - Stella Sapiente! If I win, I'd totally take the Madonna - Like a Virgin. It's killer! Thanks Sec.
  3. https://poshmark.com/listing/New-Teen-Idols-Self-Titled-Record-POP-Punk-NOFX-5a360b1f1dffdad59f03b160 https://poshmark.com/listing/Rare-Teen-Idols-Pucker-Up-Record-POP-Punk-NOFX-5a3608ee36b9de1eb403b772
  4. Fuck yeah. Glad I was able to be of some assistance!
  5. https://poshmark.com/listing/Teen-Idols-Full-Leather-Jacket-5a35d499a825a6851902f03a
  6. PO: Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger

    This just made my day.
  7. I JUST FOUND A SELLER ONLINE WITH SEALED COPIES OF TEEN IDOLS RECORDS for $20. ITS A PARTNER OF SOMEONE WITH THE BAND. ...Just waiting to See if it's okayy to send all the nerds. They're selling new old stock. Cds and shirts too. Theyre all out of print
  8. Pressing numbers will be enough. You'll get one. Trust me on this one.
  9. That's what it seems like. I got the blue with silver swirl from the fat box. And yep, there 3 boxes. Fat mail order, Fat store exclusive, and the the KRM set. No. You never will from fat.
  10. Well, that Big Choice wasn't the Euro Store Variant (at least for me). It's the regular box set variant, which I really don't need.
  11. You gonna cum on that or what?
  12. Have you seen the sold eBay listings? Even from today?
  13. Limited still readily in stock.