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  1. Well. It's gone everywhere! Kudos to everyone!
  2. Mine should be here Saturday or monday
  3. Looks like everything is gone from the US site. Blu Ray and Goddammit are still up on EU
  4. Yo homie, just got a shipping thing on my informed delivery.
  5. Oops. The names get confusing after a while.
  6. Not arguing, but I remember talking to my buddy the day this went up about it. I swear it was there then.
  7. I think you are quite wrong about this good sir. The autographed thing was always with the $275 bundle
  8. Oh yeah, referring to the vinyl
  9. The cover art is fuckikng awesome. And also from the Instagram story, it looks to be silver? I can't quite tell.
  10. They are in hand, so it's a possibility
  11. https://www.fatwreck.com/record/detail/732CANVAS Star Fucking Hipsters. Until We're Dead. /100