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  1. Unfortunately I do not.
  2. Cleaning out variants and some rarities, so have at it! Candy Hearts - ATWYLMD (silkscreened cover) 16/45 ($40) Candy Hearts - EAANH ((skate and surf cover) 7/25 ($35) THE FALCON - Gather Up The Chaps (Pink vinyl, sealed, some seam splits) ($38) MASKED INTRUDER - MI. (Purple) $22 LESS THAN JAKE - HELLO ROCKVIEW (YELLOW) - OFFER LESS THAN JAKE - LOSING STREAK (YELLOW) - $45 DAUGHTERS - CANADA SONGS (2 ND PRESS GRAY/TURQUOISE) $45 PENTIMENTO/YOUNG ENGLISH SPLIT ( RUST) - OFFER STRANGER THINGS - VOL 1. (RED) $30 LAWRENCE ARMS - APATHY AND EXHAUSTION (PINK) $45
  3. Hey. Fuck off. I'm not buying a thing from you until you address FAOUT publicly.
  4. There's a special place down here for you
  5. If that's the case then set your price at $58 + 5 shipping and call it a day?
  6. I'm at work so if anyone sees Greg Graffin - Cold As Clay.. Id be very thankful.
  7. Got my test along with The Undertones S/T and holy fuck. Thumbs up.
  8. Glad I was able to snag one of those elusive $1 rarity deals! Things are kind of tight, but I'll grab this LP sooner rather than later
  9. took care of me REALLY quick. I messaged J on here and that's where he pointed me. Best of luck!
  10. Had it in my cart, sold out at checkout
  11. You only got with it a VIP ticket upgrade.
  12. Gimmes and DH showed up today. Both look and sound great!