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  1. God willing some day these full shows will all be released digitally. I would buy.
  2. Looking for a certain genre

    Bizarre... hopefully you searched for the album, listened to it, enjoyed it, saved a couple hundred bucks, bought it, spun it, and then spun it again. It's been a hell of a week for you, hasn't it?!
  3. Looking for a certain genre

    Failure - Fantastic Planet may be a good fit. https://youtu.be/1uNIID5R4pM
  4. various download codes

    I gave it a shot, but it was gone.
  5. various download codes

    The Wood Brothers - Live at the Barn CJNH8PQ The Stepkids - Troubadour 75DE2MAU
  6. The Vinyl Digital Thread

    I had a couple of bootleg Tori Amos CD's I bought at goodwill taken down from Discogs in the past week. They're certainly cracking down.
  7. various download codes

    At this point, I'll just open it up to the public since two people who have PM'd me were able to use the code. Tobacco - Ripe & Majestic http://www.racu25tobacco.downloadthisrecord.com CUKKWOD (O could be a 0)
  8. various download codes

    The Wood Brothers - Paradise http://www.hjr001paradise.downloadthisrecord.com OT5S86U (O may be a 0) PM me for Tobacco - Ripe & Majestic
  9. I'm in for both and maybe a shirt. Thanks for the notice!
  10. That's just the shit, blood, and cum on Maynard's hands.
  11. Top Surf Guitar Albums on Vinyl?

    Messer Chups is awesome and they have a very spooky in a cheesy 50's vibe... it doesn't hurt that their bassist Zombierella is smokin' hot.
  12. Top Surf Guitar Albums on Vinyl?

    That Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet boxset is a must have in my opinion. Thee Shatners is another good one and I dig some of Man or Astroman's work. I really dig Messer Chups, too, but they're Russian and it's difficult to get their LP's without paying out the ass for shipping... which I have done. Secret Chiefs 3 gets a little surfy here and there, but they are the best band that does surf, in my opinion. They just do so much other stuff that they're not really a surf rock band. You can get Ventures records cheap... definitely get some of that.
  13. https://theeffects.bandcamp.com/album/eyes-to-the-light Finally a full length from these guys. Features Devin Ocampo (Smart Went Crazy, Faraquet, Medications, probably others) Matt Dowling (Deleted Scenes, probably others) and David Rich (I don't know who he is)
  14. Rap Discussion Thread

    We got them to play one of his songs at a college baseball game here in NC. Good stuff!