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  1. Anything in my collection up for grabs!

    This. And are you doing it for the hobby? I hope it's not collecting skate decks...
  2. RSD in Chatlotte NC

    Waxhaw, eh?! I just had some beer from there the other day. Dream Catcher or something like that.
  3. Record Store Day 2018

    I shared in the Panic Blooms thread, but just remembered to link it here. Singles 2 & 3 available here for $12 each: https://www.spinsterrecords.com/
  4. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Panic Blooms

    Spinster records has both of the most recent 7”s available online for 12 bucks each. https://www.spinsterrecords.com
  5. WTF: Records for Comics

    Any interest in the Kevin Smith run of Daredevil? I also have Evil Dead and a few random others.
  6. PO: The Glitch Mob - See Without Eyes

    Is that dude from this group still dating Riley Reid, because... man...
  7. FS: Test Pressings, LP's, CD's, Cassettes

    Bump! Sold that Melvins Endless Residency boxset and a first press of Periphery's ST. Looking to move some more stuff. Contact me on here for deals.
  8. WTB Guided By Voices

    I lent my buddy my copy of the live 1994 Dogfish Head 10" so he could give it a listen and decide if he wants to keep or sell his sealed copy. If he decides to sell it, I'll let him know to maybe get a hold of you. He has an account on here, but isn't very active.
  9. various download codes

    Grabbed Beck. Fucking WAV files, too!! Thanks!
  10. I just went through my Discogs inventory and reduced the prices on some of the higher value stuff. I'm having a boy or a girl (due date two weeks) and figured I'd try to move some stuff that I probably won't play. There may be some whales if you collect any of the tagged artists and there's a lot more. I'm willing to make deals with folks on here (especially for multiples) and would entertain a trade or two, but ultimately I'm trying to save money and clear some space. https://www.discogs.com/seller/lindermanr/profile I've got some other random things like prints and Garbage Pail Kids that I might post later.
  11. What board/card games have you been playing?

    Catan, Carcassone, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Small World, Compounded
  12. Record Store Day 2018

    PM'd in hopes that this was an open offer.
  13. Record Store Day 2018

    I'm looking for this and the Ariel Pink split as well.
  14. various download codes

    Just snagged both DEP. Thanks!!! I'll PM you with some bandcamp codes in case you're interested.