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  1. Bandcamp all the way. Stream and dl in multiple formats. It has a social aspect too. I've linked up with people who have similar tastes and it points me in the direction of some other stuff I may dig. And I LOVE that some labels like Graveface and Run For Cover go this route with their codes. Pure perfection!
  2. People are dicks. Congrats on opening the store. Owning your own business is a lot of hard work and hopefully you have a lot of success.
  3. Got one for me and a friend... brought it down to 34 shipped each.
  4. Not code, but free downloadable music. Phish - Live Bait Vol. 13 -The Wedge (7/20/14 FirstMerit Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island, Chicago, IL) 14:46 -Run Like An Antelope (7/18/93 I.C. Light Amphitheater, Pittsburgh, PA) 14:54 -Tube (12/29/97 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY) 10:36 -It’s Ice > Kung > It’s Ice (12/30/95 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY) 9:25 -Piper (12/30/11 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY) 15:15 -Icculus (12/31/13 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY) 5:23 -Mike’s Song > Swept Away > Steep > Weekapaug Groove (10/22/96 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY) 21:13 -Light > Party Time (12/30/16 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY) 22:49 -Carini > Wolfman’s Brother (12/28/98 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY) 37:23 -Ghost (12/31/10 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY) 14:10 -Tweezer (12/30/94 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY) 22:30 -You Enjoy Myself (12/4/09 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY) 21:14 -No Men In No Man’s Land > Auld Lang Syne > Blaze On (12/31/15 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY) 38:30
  5. Took ATDI. Thanks!!! NM, the code worked, but the files were already downloaded. Dammit.
  6. I can't recommend the Sleepytime Gorilla Museum releases on blood Music enough. I need to expand my tastes a bit and check out some more of these bands, because I dug Astronoid a lot and the SGM releases are top notch quality in every aspect.
  7. Not sure why you're selling right now... you clearly have plenty of space in your collection. ba-doom-tiss!
  8. Sent a PM.
  9. @ethereal helped me out big time by selling me his Fiona Apple - Tidal VMP at cost. He contacted me when I was asking for someone to assist and then sent it out immediately upon receiving it and packed it perfectly. I really appreciated the favor and strongly support this seller.
  10. Well... shit.
  11. It's pretty fucking weak. I have not paid to see a Tool show since about 2001 and probably never will due to the high ticket prices and complete lack of spontaneity. I love Undertow (favorite album of theirs and I prefer Paul D'Amour's playing style and tone) and since they've completely turned their back on it I have very few reasons to go see them play an arena with shite sound.
  12. Does he explain why they haven't played a single song from Undertow this tour?
  13. I saw Cheer-Accident for the first time last Wednesday and it exceeded all of my expectations. I've always enjoyed them, but they have so many albums (18 now!) and with it mostly being instrumental and relatively avant-garde, it's been hard to keep tabs on what's what. They blew me away and I definitely need to spend some more time studying their discography. Highly recommended live act.
  14. I'd be interested in those two Blotted Science records if the price is right. PM'd.