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  1. FS: Movie Monster - Transistor (2014 Graveface KickStarter)

    FYI, Monster Movie, but whatevs.
  2. RIP Chuck Mosley

    He wasn't an amazing vocalist, but he was unique and Introduce Yourself will always be one of my favorite FNM albums. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/nov/10/chuck-mosley-former-lead-singer-of-faith-no-more-dies-at-57https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/nov/10/chuck-mosley-former-lead-singer-of-faith-no-more-dies-at-57 Chuck Mosley, the former frontman of seminal metal group Faith No More has died at the age of 57, according to a statement released by his family. The statement revealed that Mosley, whose full name was Charles Henry Mosley III, died due to complications related to “the disease of addiction”. The family statement read: “After a long period of sobriety, Charles Henry Mosley III lost his life, on 9 November 2017, due to the disease of addiction. “We’re sharing the manner in which he passed, in the hopes that it might serve as a warning or wake up call or beacon to anyone else struggling to fight for sobriety.” It went on to say that the family are accepting donations for funeral expenses. He was Faith No More’s lead singer between 1984 and 1988, recording on their first two albums We Care A Lot and Introduce Yourself. The title track from We Care A Lot became one of the bands best-known tracks and was described as a “brilliantly sarcastic funk-rock response to Live Aid and We Are the World”, which Mosley co-wrote. Mosley helped the band establish their “funk metal” sound, which was credited with melding early hip-hop, thrash and hardcore, before he was fired from the band in 1988 and replaced by Mike Patton. “There was a rough patch the first couple of years,” Mosley said of the initial split. “We were talking in friendly terms as early as 1990. Five years ago, they invited me up onstage in San Francisco. It has all been good for a long time.” After his time in Faith No More, Mosley continued to work in music and sang for the hardcore band Bad Brains, as well as playing in another funk metal outfit, Cement. Last year he toured playing his own solo acoustic material. He is survived by long-term partner Pip Logan, and his two daughters, Erica and Sophie.
  3. various download codes

    PM me for the bandcamp code for Landlady - Upright Behavior claimed
  4. If anyone is interested, I have a test pressing of their Blacker Holes flexi (limited to 10 copies). HMU if you're interested in buying or trading for it.
  5. The Concert Thread

    Saw King Buffalo open for All Them Witches on Friday. First time seeing ATW and second for KB. KB was amazing and significantly better than the last time which was already a great show. Missed some of ATW as we ran back out to the car between sets, but they were waaaay better live than the studio stuff I'd checked out in anticipation of the show. I'll have to see if I can find some live stuff from them. I highly recommend checking it out if they're in your town. Nov 7 Tue The Foundry Philadelphia, PA Nov 8 Wed Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY Nov 9 Thu HIGHER GROUND SHOWCASE LOUNGE South Burlington, VT Nov 10 Fri Theatre Fairmount Montréal, Canada Nov 11 Sat Lee's Place Toronto, Canada Nov 12 Sun Bug Jar Rochester, NY Nov 14 Tue Ace Of Cups Columbus, OH Nov 15 Wed Hi Fi Indianapolis, IN Nov 16 Thu The Mill Iowa City, IA Nov 17 Fri Turf Club St Paul, MN Nov 18 Sat The Back Room At Colectivo Coffee Milwaukee, WI Nov 19 Sun Buzzbin Shop Canton, OH
  6. P.O. Now: Ween Shinola Vol. 1 Repress

    I have an OP, but I think it might skip. Will be picking this up regardless. Goddamn love Ween.
  7. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    Dammit... back up to 15 bucks. I'm really on the fence about these guys (and gal). The stuff I like is unlike anything I've ever heard (except Melt Banana, but it's sooooo much better IMO) but some of it I just don't get yet. I like it more with each listen, though so I think it's just a matter of time.
  8. PO SOON: Snot - Get Some

    Yup! I agree with all of that heartily. I'm beyond excited for this album!
  9. PO Now: Son Lux - Brighter Wounds

    It was available yesterday for email list folks. I jumped on it. Ryan hasn't put out a thing I haven't loved yet.
  10. There will be things on here we've never heard before
  11. Vinyl Shelf Finder :: Raspberry Pi and Lazers!

    Gotcha. As my collection has grown and surpassed the 2000 mark I've considered doing this. Mostly because when I'm in the mood for a particular kind of music I often stick with that for the night. Plus if someone wants to put on something jazzy or alternatively aggressive, it's easier to find what you're looking for. It will just be major undertaking. I appreciate the insight.
  12. Vinyl Shelf Finder :: Raspberry Pi and Lazers!

    Mind if I ask how you divide by genre? Which genres and what do you do with artists that fall into multiple genres (or do you put their releases into those separate genres?)
  13. God willing some day these full shows will all be released digitally. I would buy.
  14. Looking for a certain genre

    Bizarre... hopefully you searched for the album, listened to it, enjoyed it, saved a couple hundred bucks, bought it, spun it, and then spun it again. It's been a hell of a week for you, hasn't it?!