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  1. various download codes

    I gave it a shot, but no luck. Thanks, though!
  2. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Panic Blooms

    Much appreciated!
  3. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Panic Blooms

    I haven't had any luck in my area finding the BMSR/Ariel Pink split 7". If anyone would be willing to grab one for me, I'd be grateful. I think that I read that another 7" is coming out this Friday. I'm assuming I'll have similarly bad luck.
  4. Albums you once wrote off

    I wrote off Glass Animals solely because they had a song called Pork Soda and I'm a huge Primus fan, so naming a song that and having no allusions to Primus seemed like sacrilege. Turns out the album is pretty good, but it still seems stupid to have named the song that.
  5. Arctic Rodeo's facebook page has posted an image of the album cover!! Anyone else a fan of this amazing album?! I'm hoping for Identikit as well!
  6. PO: Superorganism - Superorganism

    Well shit. I'm new to this group, but really want to pick this up with the mix CD.
  7. PO: Superorganism - Superorganism

    How are you navigating this? Or do you read Japanese?
  8. various download codes

    I tried Sufjan and it was gone already. Typing that was exhausting... now I know why the person who snagged it didn't bother to say anything. I'm gonna go lie down now. Pray for me.
  9. https://qrates.com/artists/vulfrecords I was lazy and just posted this in the Qrates thread. Only 21 hours left.
  10. Qrates thread

    I thought about it, but was at work and kind of lazy.
  11. A t-shirt!!!! One of my biggest regrets was seeing Faraquet and Burning Airlines in 98 and NOT buying shirts of either band.
  12. Qrates thread

    https://qrates.com/artists/vulfrecords This Vulfpeck one ends Friday.
  13. Record Store Day 2018

    Buckley Live at Sin-e 4LP box set. Fuck, I'm in.
  14. gomez - Bring It on (20th anniversary reissue)

    They just repressed this in 2013 (15th anniversary, I guess?) Hopefully this means Liquid Skin will come out next year. Abandoned Shopping Trolly Hotline isn't too expensive nowadays. Their first two albums are so damned good.
  15. PO: JAMO GANG (Ras Kass x El Gant x J57) Ltd. Ed. Vinyl.

    Ha ha ha
  16. Amen - Amen

    Tumor, the bassist from Snot, was in the band, too, right?
  17. PO: JAMO GANG (Ras Kass x El Gant x J57) Ltd. Ed. Vinyl.

    Ya done fucked up.
  18. Rezqua's WTB just got looooooonger

    Good luck on those Analords. I was lucky enough to come across three of them for 6-8 bucks each at Flat Black and Circular in East Lansing back in 2008 or 2009 when my wife and I went home. Haven't come across another one in the wild since.
  19. various download codes

    Message me for Sylvan Esso - S/T
  20. various download codes

    Didn't get a PM for Glass Animals, so I'll just post it and it gets used, so be it. http://www.umgmusic.com/howtobeahumanbeing C3FCyGnY
  21. various download codes

    Son Lux has been claimed.
  22. various download codes

    PM me for Glass Animals - How to Be a Human Being or Son Lux - Brighter Wounds. I'd post the links, but the only replies I ever get are to let me know that someone already took it. If you had a code to offer in return that would be rad, but isn't necessary.
  23. LF: Ryan Adams bootlegs and live recordings

    Also try Dimeadozen.org for torrents. Not sure if Ryan Adams has showed up there, but I'm not looking for him so I wouldn't have noted it. They have a cap on the max number of users, but purge daily so a little patience will get you in there pretty quickly. Other good live music torrent sites are Zomb, Tradersden and bt etree.
  24. Just use your fingers around the circumference and thumbs near the center. Wiggle radially as you try to push or pull. Usually works for me. Still a pain, though.
  25. Damn... I snoozed, I losed. Scratch that. On to the other thread.