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  1. I picked up a balance and composure for anyone that still wants it. PM me.
  2. I picked up a balance and composure today for anyone that still wants it. PM me.
  3. Mine was just canceled you lucky sob!
  4. Anyone else looking for Dark Crystal may want to check here. I have ordered from them in the past and they are legit...
  5. Try here...
  6. Bengans (Sweden) has their leftovers up. They start about half way down the page listed and continue for 11-12 pages. Shipping is high to the states though.
  7. Also my local record store, but only for a little over a year and I've never known Greg to do something so shitty as to gouge like that. At least not on preorders.
  8. Angie from Strictly Discs reached out a few days ago. She sent the usual "Will you be attending RSD this year? If not, please update your payment info" email. I believe the deadline to do this was Saturday or Sunday night.
  9. Anyone else getting this at checkout? There are no shipping methods available for your cart or destination.
  10. Ordered gold + 7" with the swiftness!
  11. I second this. Fantastic versions of Dew, Dancin', Jack Straw, Scarlet/ Fire etc. Such a great energy that night. This show is one for the ages and shouldn't be passed up.
  12. Crashes every time I try adding to cart
  13. All over this! love me some 77 GD especially this show!
  14. That's definitely it. Fingerprints in Long Beach got some for in store sale only today.