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  1. I second this. Fantastic versions of Dew, Dancin', Jack Straw, Scarlet/ Fire etc. Such a great energy that night. This show is one for the ages and shouldn't be passed up.
  2. Crashes every time I try adding to cart
  3. All over this! love me some 77 GD especially this show!
  4. That's definitely it. Fingerprints in Long Beach got some for in store sale only today.
  5. Anyone come across the numbered white label (bootleg?) version of this that supposedly dropped today?
  6. Try this...
  7. Vol. 2 mail order exclusive pre-sale is up at
  8. hey dude, jus wanted to make sure i made it into the first three to message you. i know, i'm sick, but that marble record... ooh la la. 


    thanks a million.

  9. Ah ok. Sorry about that. I should have confirmed before I posted. I'm more than happy to go back on Monday to see are if there are any left for the first three people to message me.
  10. Snagged a tour edition clear vinyl copy of Live at Union Chapel & Sodra Teatern and a promo marbled/grey copy Admiral Fell Promises from Port of Sound Record Shoppe. There aren't any more Live at Union Chapel but there were more promo copies of AFP ($44.99) and I'm pretty sure they ship. Give them a call (714) 444-2337.
  11. Melody Supreme posted on Instagram that they have some of the following... Perils From The Sea (blue/grey), Live From Union Chapel (black), Admiral Fell Promises (black), Kozelek Sings Christmas Carols (red). Go get em...
  12. Nevermind. Snagged. Wasn't available from BM the other day.
  13. Anyone have any leads on retailers that have pink copies?
  14. Try here... Young Ones Records