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  1. Rough Trade in Brooklyn had about six copies of that Distillers record when I stopped by yesterday.
  2. Greenpoint/Williamsburg: Record Grouch (986 Manhattan Ave.), Co-Op 87 (87 Guernsey St.) and Captured Tracks (195 Calyer St.) and Academy (85 Oak St.). You could also go to Earwax (N. 9th) in Williamsburg but I never find anything there. After record shopping you should get some pizza at Paulie G's (Greenpoint Ave.). Then hit up Lake Street (Manhattan Ave.) for some drinks. If it's Mexican that you're craving---head to the south side of Williamsburg for tasty treats at La Superior (Berry St.). Do yourself a favor and order a Paloma to wash everything down. for shows
  3. Coop's Place for food, Louisiana Music Factory and Euclid's for records, go on a cemetery tour and go to Frenchmen Street for live music.
  4. Tukka Tor outline
  5. McIntosh MAC1900 receiver with wood case. The receiver works great and is the perfect gateway to vintage audio equipment. $700 OBO. Ideally, this would be pick-up only. I'm in Brooklyn. If you're serious about this and need it shipped---I do have a MAC box to ship it in but it's going to be around $40 for shipping. Contact me if you want pictures or if you're interested in stopping by for a listen.
  6. Tom was out of town so I'm sure that had something to do with it. I really want Stoner Witch but will be happy with Stag.
  7. Why a preamp and not a receiver? Are you planning on buying an amp or do you already have one? What about speakers?
  8. Received a shipping notice even though delivery said January when I ordered.
  9. Finally found The Afghan Whigs 3XLP and the third LP is cracked. I've never bought a brand new record that was cracked. Used LPs from sellers who don't know how to package records---yes. But not a brand new record from a store. Argh, just threw it up on Discogs hoping that I can recoup some of my money.
  10. I did, thanks.
  11. Still looking for Afghan Whigs and Alice Cooper 7".
  12. That turntable is for converting vinyl to a digital format. Sounds like what you really want/need is a receiver, a turntable and speakers. I have only been buying vintage equipment for the last ten years so I can't help you with the newer stuff but if you're willing to go vintage you should look in the charity shops. I don't know what it's like in the UK but I've bought some great Pioneer receivers for under 60 pounds.
  13. McIntosh MC2505 amp McIntosh C28 preamp The C28 is being serviced by Audio Classics and should be back tomorrow. Now I need to sell the MAC1900.