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  2. New Song
  3. Nothin like 6 songs on a 12" for $20 pre-shipped!
  4. On the 15th, they tweeted "One week!" So I guess it's safe to assume we'll get an announcement/PO on Wednesday.
  5. Bite your tongue.
  6. And maybe even a little bit of surface noise as a bonus
  7. Didn't see anybody link the song
  8. You can say that again
  9. You can say that again
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but does N 43° 33' 55.676" W 72° 45' 11.914 implement the similar chord structure to introduction and outro of dendron from HLNPIT?
  11. Give A Damn video “The idea for the video was to explore the nature of growing to dislike or resent your favorite band over time because they no longer tie directly into your past experience of them,” Bemis tells EW in an email exchange. “This happens with every band who has made more than one album and amassed any kind of fanbase. It’s certainly been the case with us at times. I tend to address this kind of thing directly, knowing it’s a very interesting, utterly silly phenomenon.”
  12. Hell yeah! Yellow yellow yellow