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  1. Anybody know if they were limiting the amount sold? AKA: can I wait until the end of the show to grab one?
  2. lol alright then A line in their recent update email would have been a cool way to say they are holding some for leftovers to throw online
  3. So before they had the tour presses ready, they were taking emails stating that they would send out a link to buy the tour press for those that attended.. WHAT GIVES TIGER JAWZ?
  4. New song (AMAZING): Write up:
  6. New Song
  7. Nothin like 6 songs on a 12" for $20 pre-shipped!
  8. On the 15th, they tweeted "One week!" So I guess it's safe to assume we'll get an announcement/PO on Wednesday.
  9. Bite your tongue.
  10. And maybe even a little bit of surface noise as a bonus
  11. Didn't see anybody link the song
  12. You can say that again
  13. You can say that again
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but does N 43° 33' 55.676" W 72° 45' 11.914 implement the similar chord structure to introduction and outro of dendron from HLNPIT?