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  1. Alarm went off. Check here to see that it went up early and sold out already. Sick.
  2. http://trophyscars.bigcartel.com/product/darkness-oh-hell-vinyl-lp
  3. Holy shit I literally JUST noticed that the colors are based off of the jacket and skirt that they're wearing in the photo
  4. Didn't look like they did, just the new one
  5. Just saw these guys in NYC last night and they absolutely killed it. They're already selling this on tour- copped a gold for $20. Album is fantastic
  6. Hot Sandwiches all the way. Paninis are my life. 5'9" here. I'm in a weird spot between small and medium. The beer belly says medium but my arms say small. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. PO: Eighteen Visions - XVIII

    I gotchu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zCh0kxrbEs
  8. Seems they're picking the color at random hm hm
  9. PO: Eighteen Visions - XVIII

    High school me is stoked
  10. New song and interview http://clrvynt.com/full-of-hell-interview/ Song rules.
  11. That price kinda makes me hesitate. Dammit, financial responsibility!