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  1. Cd arrived today. Am in New Zealand and I definitely wasn't in the first wave of orders for those still keeping track. Not mad at all
  2. Australia variant is back in stock
  3. Brand New - Deja Entendu

    I can't believe how Shit that obese die cut looks
  4. It's $46 to ship one record to New Zealand from Hot Topic for some reason
  5. if anyone is buying for international customers , please put me down for a copy <3
  6. PO: Title Fight - Floral Green

    In New Zealand, recieved mine early last week
  7. FUN. RSD 10"

    also have stickers only. fuck my life
  8. MTS-Blink TOYPAJ

    Lol @ SRC also getting called out by the band. Bet they're regretting being involved in the RJ shitshow
  9. "The Stephen Hawking" is fucking amazing
  10. various download codes

    Transit - Listen and forgive dropcards.com/vinyl r7qv73q27y SA-Anarchy, my dear dropcards.com/vinyl 34496S9ZZ4 Brand New-YFW atozmedia.com/soundcard HR8T56AZ TBS-Tell all your friends victoryrecords.com/dl VR176672F596138
  11. They do and it does. If you emailed them and said it was a gift i'm sure they would fix that for you. Also this is such a solid fucking deal, free international shipping to boot
  12. MTS-Blink TOYPAJ

    actually would bet good money that SRC bailed out MTS over this fuck up
  13. Say Anything - is a real boy Repress (link)

    Of this repress: -white and olive splatter -white and red splatter -Blue -Red and possibly another colour for banquets imported copies but unlikely