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  1. So just to be clear, are both Closeness and Monster Movie handpours?
  2. Stream is up:
  3. Yeah, I know that it is totally based on luck, I just thought that it was cruel that both of my picks bowed out in the first round, and even on the same night.
  4. Yeah, looks like a really bad trade, even more so for the years to come. And to think that some people thought that Beaulieu made PK expendable. Also, screw Pacioretty for once again disappearing when it matters the most. Best captain ever! And finally, I picked to Habs and the Wild to go to the Finals in the bracket, so that makes me the biggest idiot I guess.
  5. Preorder for this is up: 200 Opaque Pink & Clear (mailorder exclusive) 300 Coke Bottle Clear Tiny Engines is also rereleasing their selftitled first album, preorders up too: 200 Opaque Pink & Opaque Blue (mailorder exclusive) 300 Translucent Candy Grape Purple And song premiere on Stereogum:
  6. Thanks, money sent!
  7. @ianmonsta I'm in, but once again leaguesafe won't accept my foreign credit card. Can I paypal you the money again?
  8. I'm sorry, that is what the included download card said.
  9. Why? - Moh Lhean Code: 4112 Don't know if you need to register first, though.
  10. Congratulations Daniel!
  11. Streaming now:
  12. Pretty sure that this is the one you are thinking of, it is still there:
  13. I had the same problem, gave up on Elliott way too early and drafted Halak/Varlamov (haha), so I had to use the waivers all season long as well. Before last weeks matchup I was even thinking about dropping all my goalies and trying to maximize skater starts in order to try to win all the skaters cats.
  14. Yeah, I somehow lost an assist on a stat correction. Either way you would have won because you were one of only two people who had a winning record against me in the regular season, so the tiebreaker was yours. I was feeling pretty confident up to saturday, but then you had that crazy 7 goals by 4 guys-night, including 2 GWGs. Oh well.. Good luck to both of you!