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  1. PAUL2050 for 20% off $50 or more
  2. It was way closer than I wanted it to be, and that was an absolute roller coaster through the entire week. After the first 2 days and you picking up Berube I thought that this was going to be a walk in the park, but boy was I wrong. Your 3 SH goals were just unreal, don't think I have ever gotten more than 1 per week. And then Oshie getting the hattrick on Sunday.. And to end it all, I almost had a heart attack, seeing how I picked up Darling because he has been great in his last 5 starts and I figured that COL would be an easy win for the Hawks so I could secure all goalie cats. After he let in 2 goals in the first period, I totally panicked and had to stay up until 3AM to watch the game because I thought that that was it. Picking him up almost cost me. Kudos to Ian for beating Chris, seeing how the regular season went I was 100% that he was going to steamroll each and everyone of us. I would write an angry letter to Dubnyk if I were you, Chris. Guy really let you down the last 2 weeks..
  3. I just found out today that TRL now has a cheaper shipping option for us in the EU/UK, and from your wording, I assume that you used this service as well. Can you tell me what this DPD Classic option exactly is? Do they ship all their stuff to over here and it then gets sent out to wherever it needs to go from somewhere within Europe? So no import fees, regardless of value? Lots of questions, sorry.. Thanks in advance!
  4. Your description is spot on. I would add that I feel that this really is mostly a document of love, all through the album you get the feeling that those songs are addressed to Geneviève, and only her. So to see and hear someone handle grief in such a way is truly inspiring. The tone is never an accusing one and there is no wallowing in self-pity. And we all know that Phil has such an incredible way with words and imagery, and this certainly is no different. The vocals are pretty much non stop though, there are no instrumental parts in between where you can sort of catch your breath, so I can understand that this might be a hard listen for some people. Hope this makes sense.
  5. Stream here:
  6. Here you go:
  7. Bis aufs Messer record store from Germany assured me that they are going to get copies of it. They are the only ones I know of in the EU/UK carrying Pw elverum stuff, and I also got my copy of Sauna and the Microphones reissues from them. If you ask them they should even be able to order other stuff from Phil for you as well. Just a heads up.
  8. I really admire the fact that they went ahead and self-released this.
  9. Wow, Habs finally get rid of Therrien, and then go and replace him with Julien of all people. Never thought I would cheer for a team that has a guy like Julien as coach, but excited to see where this goes. Habs really had to make a move, second mid-season meltdown (albeit to a lesser extent than last year) in a row has to be on the coach, and not only the players. Edit: I only started following the Habs in 2006, just after they had fired him, so I only know him as the dreded Bruins coach.
  10. The german item description for the splatter on the uncle m site says "limited to 100 worldwide", fwiw.
  11. Was hoping that this would come out on Graveface, I remember it being announced as an upcoming release. Will need to see how I can get a hold of this one.
  12. My copy should come in this week, have only listened to the singles once up to now. Both "Natural Blue" and "I Live Now As A Singer" are fantastic. Pretty excited for this one. I tried to get into her previous album "Rooms With Walls and Windows" a few times, but somehow I can't though.