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  1. Dog Knights:
  2. And here I was thinking that this was getting a vinyl release. Bummer...
  3. September 1st:
  4. Try here, they should be able to ship to the US:
  5. Flight 13 in Germany has limited copies up for pre-order, beer with grey smoke. No mention of numbers.
  6. Thanks, looks great!
  7. It would be rad if someone could post a picture of the red/blue swirl. Can't seem to find one on the interwebz.
  8. I also strongly dislike it when cables are showing, so I went through pretty much the same thought process as you when we built our house. As I wasn't entirely sure where my speakers/amp would end up later on, putting speaker cables under the wood never really was a possibility, but personally I feel as though that might just be an overkill and overthinking it. I ended up have a conduit for the cables cut into the baseboards, works perfect for me, and is a pretty easy solution. I also don't think that a cable run of 20' should pose any problem at all. If I want to switch out the cables later on, it will take less than a minute to do it. Hope this helps.
  10. Has this been taken down? Says video is not available? Or is it only blocked in my country?
  11. Pretty sure he was talking about international shipping options.
  12. Off the top of my head, because I am not at home to check all my 2017 releases:Adult Mom - Soft SpotsCayetana - New Kind Of NormalJulia Lucille - ChthonicJulie Byrne - Not Even HappinessKarima Walker - Hands In Our NamesMount Eerie - A Crow Looked At MePlanning For Burial - Below The HouseSinai Vessel - BrokenleggedVagabon - Infinite WorldsWild Pink - Wild Pink
  13. New album streaming in full:
  14. Thanks for your reply! I remember playing Crash Bandicoot some 20 years ago, but unfortunately I can hardly get excited about that remake.
  15. Has there been any must have game on PS4 thus far in 2017? Not really, right?