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  1. Got mine from Amazon yesterday half smoke/ half pink, so I'm guessing that's the retail variant. The half beer/half pink through Banquet must be a UK exclusive? Speaking of which has anyone who ordered from Banquet seen a shipping status update? I emailed them but haven't heard anything back yet. edit: also, this album kicks ass!
  2. Impericon has the Bone variant:
  3. Agreed. The $270 was within my budget for the "crazy shit" I allow myself to buy a couple times a year. So I decided to jump on it. I was admittedly disappointed when it didn't go through, but I went home and looked at all the awesome shit I already own and let it go. LOL! It will come up again so happy hunting to both of us! Also, everyone, thanks for the group roast of the asshat that pulled the deal. Made me laugh a lot! Have a great weekend everyone!
  4. Yeah, that's the post that I commented on..... Couldn't believe it.
  5. Apparently vinylholic1977 is on discogs and made a comment about how excited she was to have one of these. So I decided to inform the rest of the people commenting on her post what happened.
  6. Yeah, guess not.... Probably got offered more for it from someone she knew and then cancelled the order. But hey! Who needs a conscience when you'll be getting more money!
  7. This was the email from ebay: "We're sorry to let you know that vinylholic1977 canceled your order and mentioned the reason as I'm out of stock or the item is damaged. The seller refunded $295.00 back to your original payment method, and you don't need to do anything else." Then Paypal sent me the refund email with her full email listed and if I have questions to email them directly. So, I sent her an email to ask what the reason for this really was. I'm guessing I won't get a response, but I'm giving it a shot.
  8. Ya, I guess. Didn't think I was saying anything disrespectful. This is a pretty big let down.
  9. Sooooooo the person selling it, Kariana, just refunded my payment in full and cancelled the order..... im kinda speechless.....
  10. Thank you! Couldn't have done it without your post! I owe ya several beers! Or if there are any US pressings you need me to keep an eye out for, let me know! Good on them for changing the price to be more fair though. I love my blink collection but woulda never been able to justify $1200 for it. $300 and eating ramen for a couple months, SURE! LOL!
  11. Already done! Couldn't have bought that fast enough!
  12. Holllllly shit. This dude is nuts. I'm unfortunately a blink variant collector, but anyone that would pay that( or anything remotely close to that!) has a screw loose..... in a few places. On a related note, I have a hand numbered Enema of the State /182 from MTS that I'd be willing to part with for $1200....... with FREE shipping!
  13. Yeah, I ordered the last one through them, that weird red/white split and there were no issues. I emailed them just to make sure though.
  14. Uh oh.... Important Information: Please note that this is a pre-order item with an estimated shipping date of July 14, 2017. Please place separate orders for items you would like to arrive earlier than this date. Shipping dates subject to change based upon availability. This item is available to residents of Canada ONLY. If you purchase this product from outside of Canada, please be advised that your order will be cancelled. Looks like that won't work.