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  1. The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Thanks happy not to miss this dan terminus. Vinyl looks great!
  2. PO: Billy Corgan - OGILALA

    He was always a weirdo or not. One of the nice things about him...like this new song only his site does not take paypal.
  3. The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Wow . Great releases. Happy not missing the splatters this time. Thank you!
  4. Ordered from baby gas mask because of the extra lathe
  5. New Pre-Orders up at Castle Face

    The ily's lp is so great and the vinyl looks great.
  6. Resident shipped my blue copy. Hope it is a nice package!
  7. PO Now - SZA - CTRL

    Great. Thanks, got me a signed 1 with shirt
  8. Cool. That's how i like it! Hope they will have them because my oknotok blue vinyl and signed cody chesnutt were canceled last weeks from this store.
  9. Recordstore.co.uk has a signed deluxe vinyl. Great option here in europe.
  10. on hhv.de is Venice on yellow vinyl! Nice...
  11. WTB: Anderson .Paak - Venice

    Yellow vinyl out of 300 on hhv.de
  12. P.O. NOW: Slowdive S/T (05/05/17)

    Silver sounds and looks great. And this album is so great!
  13. ordered from an English, german and dutch shop now, thanks for the link. 3 options so i must be good.
  14. https://www.soundshaarlem.nl/detail/3684272/lp/live/distance_to_here__ Another dutch shop, same town as where the mov plant is