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  1. I'll trade you 30 bucks.
  2. No thanks. Classroom tapes and old Big Day Out footage will never be topped.
  3. From the jaws of my cart... congrats!
  4. I guess I finally realized today that I really, really hate all of Mark's new music. It's not necessarily the rambling, but the bitterness that I can't stand. I could handle sad Mark, but old angry Mark annoys the hell out of me. It's like hanging out with a coworker that won't stop complaining.
  5. Shipping confirmation on Day of the Dead and Heady Nuggs!
  6. It's pissing me off how quickly I'm missing out on the Day of the Dead box...
  7. Yeah, I love Rough Trade, but their record mailers are the absolute worst. My white XX will be here in a day or two... hoping for the best.
  8. Got shipping notification on the signed La La Land on 1/31, finally just shipped out yesterday according to the tracking #.
  9. Had to get that Bannon exclusive... can't wait!
  10. I wonder how the secondary market will be on these bad boys?