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  1. I get that the onus is on Ovechkin and how he can't produce points when they matter, but no one on the team stepped up and took charge. Maybe Holtby ( he let one questionable one in, but stood strong. ). It's so disappointing, every damn year. I don't want them to trade Ovi though. Or Oshie. ugh!
  2. I thought no team would play worse than the blues in the third, when their season was on the line, but the caps proved me wrong.
  3. I saw Explosions a few weeks ago for the first time. It was cool, but the fans were the worst. Everyone was drunk and yelling at (talking to) each other the entire time.
  4. !! He was really friendly and awesome. I'm from CT ( as you could probs tell ) and was planning a trip to Portland so I told him that and he made room for me in his schedule and it worked out really nicely. The healing process was different from all of my other big tattoos cause it's just black. It barely peeled, didn't scab over at all, but itched a lot more than my large color pieces on the other arms. Most of my tattoos didn't itch much so this was new to me. Anyways it healed very quickly and perfectly, not one blemish and it's as black as black goes still. Took like 10 days. I got that small ghost a few days later on my leg and that literally took twice as long to heal..
  5. but..... are there any new sites that are good?
  6. Also! nuvegan has the chicken sandwiches and mac n cheese still so you HAVE to go there
  7. NO MORE SHOPHOUSE? what! That place did so well during lunch time, nooooo, it was my go to spot 3x a week.
  8. 100% go to NuVegan (Woodlands Vegan Bistro was the old name). I don't know if they have it anymore but if they have the mac n cheese and the fried chicken sandwich you have to get it. It was the best vegan food in the city, and probably the best two items on the menu. Sticky Fingers has really good donuts, and the food is okay. Despite living in DC for 5 years I didn't really eat at more "mostly" veg restaurants so I can't help you beyond this. ShopHouse / Sweetgreen are really good for lunch. I hate dc.
  9. where is this! i listened to the whole album and heard no sax! what song / etc
  10. i say it every year, but this year is the year for the caps
  11. this show is getting so hard to watch. The first thirty minutes of the show is character development followed by said character doing the exact opposite of what they believe in. And everyone looks like they are crying at all times. I really enjoyed the Rick / michonne just havin fun killin shit tho. that was cool!
  12. I got two tattoos in Portland! done by @thiefhands at Hopeless Ink in Vancouver and this lil guy by Leo at Hidden Rose