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  1. this show is getting so hard to watch. The first thirty minutes of the show is character development followed by said character doing the exact opposite of what they believe in. And everyone looks like they are crying at all times. I really enjoyed the Rick / michonne just havin fun killin shit tho. that was cool!
  2. I got two tattoos in Portland! done by @thiefhands at Hopeless Ink in Vancouver and this lil guy by Leo at Hidden Rose
  3. I think we are back together or doing something similar, but we talked a LOT and I'm good right now. We both met other people and tried to move on and here we are... I go to therapy now too, thanks everyone who pushed me in that direction, I love it.
  4. I actually ventured out of Everything Else for this nonsense!
  5. gumbo lets be sad together
  6. My friends all like her as a person, but they are all encouraging that we stay apart. Every one of them, and even the friends who are closer to her than to me. I feel stupid typing that. It was hard enough when we ended and she didn't say a word to me. It's so much harder now that she realizes I'm actually gone.
  7. my ex dropped over a huge valentines day box filled with thoughtful gifts and apologies and i want to scream
  8. after a week+ of silence while she was filled with anger towards me, she has realized what she lost and came to me with nearly 100% sincere apologies, a gift basket filled with genuine thoughtful gifts and food and shit and i'm dying. this is so fucking hard. wah.
  9. he at least drinks and occasionally smokes so it won't be allll that bad
  10. thank you! And yeah! we booked our flights. March 5th to 13th. I'd love to meet up if your down, we don't have too much planned besides visiting my relative in PDX and Eugene, going to Baby Doll Pizza & Voodoo donuts and going to Bend and the coast. Fair warning though, me and my friend are vegan
  11. I really like that last part Rich - i'm gonna put on my favorite outfit tonight, thats for sure. My friends aren't giving me the comfort I desire, so I guess I could do it for myself haha. I haven't tried therapy yet but I don't know anyone who says it hasn't been incredibly helpful for them, so i will look into it for sure.
  12. idk why it posted twice
  13. So I appreciate all of this advice, but what do I do right now? I'm not necessarily trying to attract anyone (yet) and I'm not trying to win my ex back. She didn't say a word when I told her i was sad about some of the stuff going on in our relationship and didn't try to fix it and next thing you know I was leaving and then it just ended. I had been the happiest in our relationship (1 year of 4-5 days a week spending together / sleepovers) as ever, but one small thing she did really bummed me out so I confronted her. And instead of trying to fix things she just sat there and practically scoffed at the idea of doing something for me (to make me less sad). She didn't even say sorry. I feel betrayed, confused, lost, alone... it doesn't stop. And even though I don't think I want to get back together with her, I haven't found solace in this separation. I'm constantly on my phone as if it's going to vibrate and I'm going to feel better. I had a snow day today (and didn't sled cause it was realllly bad out) and I couldn't find the strength or excitement to do something for myself. I just moped and thought about sad shit and stuff.
  14. i appreciate the enthusiasm! i will try to do something awesome today. the foot of snow should help!
  15. unfortunately i'm straight edge, shelbs. and gumbo, I totally agree with that. I feel like i've been relying on other people to feel emotional stable for the entirety of my adult existence. I don't know what to do.