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  1. anyone else have white marbling in their indie exclusive vinyl?
  2. if anyone wants to trade an indie exclusive for another color, lmk. what's an equal trade, the uo color?
  3. FIFTEEN- "Swains First Bike Ride" LP+7"EP Splatter+Yellow Preorder Bundle out of 100 FIFTEEN- "Swains First Bike Ride" LP- White Preorder out of 100 FIFTEEN- S/T 7" E.P.- Color Preorder out of 100
  4. DO NOT post a record collection, must be of a specific band and or label. Ill try and post the following.. Defiance, Ohio Against Me! Bright Eyes NOFX
  5. when adding the blue to your cart, there's not indication on whether or not it's blue or black. it's a bit weird, when you click the link inside the cart, it takes you to the black version.
  6. Not sure if this has been posted already (couldn't find any info about it). https://www.roughtrade.com/music/xx
  7. anyone have the SH Sparta - Threes vinyl that they want to sell?
  8. nice! I think that's the lowest here so far.
  9. Me I guess.. Joined June 24, 2007 Member # 65 Tip: look at your profile, and the number pre-pended to your user name in the URL is the order you signed up in.
  10. What.cd has shut down.

    yep, open enrollment closed I believe a few days ago. once Waffles comes back up, I may have an extra invite if anyone wants to trade for a PTH
  11. What.cd has shut down.

    Looks like the alternatives are out.. Xanx and PTH. Anyone have an invite to any of these?
  12. Here's my tour version LP 1; my LP2 is a semi-translucent "no-idea purple swirl".
  13. So, I've been wanting a copy of this for awhile.. finally got the courage to buy one. The packaging was awesome, and very well done.. Though, when I opened it, to my horror, it was cracked! Looks like USPS had laid some heavy stuff on top of it? Not sure what happened here.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion, but I didn't purchase this through eBay. I bought it online from a record store.
  15. Thanks for the tip. I have in the past, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try again! =]