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  1. I would love love love any help in grabbing a tour copy.
  2. Just added a few Tenement LPs and 7" s to my list. Nice little surprise.
  3. I assume that's the one. Banquet has some up on their site
  4. There's also apparently now a euro indie exclusive red/blue splatter.
  5. TTRO changed my life. WDTRSH surpassed it. I would absolutely love to see this.
  6. This really is a solid album. OTIP had non stop catchy earworm tracks, thus being a fan favorite. I still love Rented World more than this, but after a week of listening, I am really impressed by it. I seem to focus my attention on a different song with each listen. Not disappointed in the least with this guy. Also just got the euro red/white a side/b side, and am going to jam it with the kiddos in the garage while I hang a new ceiling rack.
  7. Niice! Awesome album, as is all of theirs. Got the original pressing, but I'll be grabbing this.
  8. Absolutely agree. This feels like it should have come after Impossible Past. Excited to give it more listens this week
  9. I saw them last year and they played two New tracks live. I just listened to the New album now. My thoughts are that everyone hated Rented World, and made them revert to almost something they weren't. Rented World was an almost perfect album. This one was bastardized. I hear claims to ALITAOIAT throughout.
  10. This is my thinking. Rented World is an amazing album in my opinion. I listen to it way more often than OTIP. Chamberlain Waits is still my favorite, though.
  11. New Lillingtons this year, too. Gun be a good one!
  12. Dammit I want that test. Love Sam Roberts.
  13. Just coming to post this. Grabbed myself a copy, and couldn't be more excited!
  14. Fuck that's a nice haul. Hope I get anything near that.
  15. Almost Killed Me is bar none my favorite album from them. SS is a close second. AKM is up there on my favorite albums of all time list.