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    Analog: VPI Classic 1, Dynavector XX-2 MKII, MS Phonomena II, AI Modulus 1, ADCOM GFA-555, Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grands.
    Digital: Mac Mini, V-DAC
    AudioQuest and BJC interconnects and speakerwire, Nitty Gritty RCM
  1. It appears I have misjudged the situation, then. My apologies.
  2. He was probably drunk and looking for something to put up his "arse" and liked what he saw.
  3. Man, I wanted to blind buy this last week, but after hearing the single on Spotify, HUGE easy pass. It sucks, and I'm sad, but I can't even pretend to like it due to my respect for the man and his past output, it's so bad.
  4. Right. I just wanted to bust your balls.
  5. You had and sold a Cronus a few years ago! Well, at least you have auditioned a wide array of gear.
  6. I'm a week in on my Odyssey amps and I can't say enough positive things. They have spent the last week breaking in and getting used to the other components in my system. The mids are coming alive, the highs are mellowing and the bass. I didn't realize just how bad (relatively) my ADCOM was handling the bass. But these new amps are killing it. They still have some break in time, but I love them so far and can't wait to hear where they end up. Check out Odysseyaudio.com. Klaus is awesome. Can't recommend them enough.
  7. You have way too many posts on this site to think that something like that occurs.
  8. I'll have to research the case before taking a side. I don't like siding with anything blindly, and music rights cases are no different.
  9. I thought the first song was good, but have been unimpressed since. im not giving up hope as the new Mastodon had similar prerelease songs and turned out to be my favorite of 2017, so far.
  10. Yeah, seems like it will be a timed exclusive, at least. While a wide release seems like a no brainer, I have to wonder why this and many other "no brainers" have yet to be released.
  11. And 45rpm as well. Lyric book? In a '96 LP? Stuff was super bare bones then.
  12. With the VMP version not being an "exclusive color", what do you think a standard release would be? 140g vinyl? Just allowing for a timed exclusive for VMP? I like Tidal, but I don't love it, and I no longer have to own everything I like on vinyl just because it's vinyl, so a standard issue appeals to me much more than a club version of this, if I was going to get it at all.
  13. Exactly, there's a third option, and its press enough for 50 per show and still sell out.
  14. Quoting this because I can't "like" it more than once.