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    Analog: VPI Classic 1, Dynavector XX-2 MKII, MS Phonomena II, AI Modulus 1, ADCOM GFA-555, Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grands.
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  1. Oh really? Well, answer me this, oh ye of the uncommon folk. If you could only listen to one of the following two bands for the rest of your life, which would you choose, Dave Matthews Band or Creed?
  2. AI recommended leaving it on all the time? I'm going to have to check my manual... interesting. I do think I need to get some new tubes, but I do NOT want to have to deal with "tube sound" and be constantly wondering if another kind of tube would be better. It will drive me crazy. I like to tweak and experiment, but only a little. Too much and I never feel satisfied because I'm never sure if it's "right".
  3. Guys, guys, guys... This is a Puddle Of Mudd thread. Can we please get back to discussing Puddle Of Mudd?
  4. I agree with your message more than you care to know. I disagree with your tone and the time and place. That tone isn't going to open any hearts and minds to the message. Chris Cornell's music meant so much to so many people in so many different ways. I'm usually not an emotional person when it comes to death, but as I ponder what his music has meant to me, I can't help but mourn his passing with a heavy heart. His voice and songwriting skills were truly special and will continue to inspire, support, and uplift me for the rest of my life.
  5. Take it easy, man. We're all fans here dealing with a tough situation. We all mourn differently. Mental health is a challenging subject that doesn't get the attention it deserves. So much good music that has enriched my life. I'll celebrate what I have been given. Thank you, Chris.
  6. So are the sunglasses because you think you're cool, or to hide your indentity so no one knows you purchased these?
  7. Oh that's awesome, man. So far I'm enjoying the AI/Odyssey combo immensely. The amps are just a month old. I actually called to get a Stratos stereo extreme, but Klaus talked me into getting these upgraded and customized Khartagos. I am so happy with both the looks and the sound. These things blow away the Adcom GFA-555 I had previously. Biggest improvement is in overall clarity and bass definition. Not even close in the bass control and detail. I used to think my speakers didn't handle bass very well. Turns out the speakers are fine. The cases are a customized color. I really wanted a super dark brown, but I used the words "dark copper" to describe it once because it would naturally be a very metallic brown. Dark Copper must have stuck in Klaus' head as he called me one day to tell me that my cases came back and they were very red, but he also thought they were stunning. He was right. If I ever replace my AI (cross my fingers that I never have to), I'll probably get an Odyssey tube pre. I like the amps that much.
  8. It's great that the people in this thread that like this band can not only roll with the punches, but also understand that sometimes people like things that most people think is awful and just accept it, embrace it, and not get offended when people rip on it. So do you like Puddle Of Mudd. You can always make yourself feel better remembering that at least it's not Dave Matthews Band, amirite?
  9. *Sigh* It's not a Crosley. I actually got a really good deal on it from a guy who does high end installation. He said the installation he just finished had this extra turntable, so I bought it from him right then and there from his work van. It's a Crosbey. It sounds amazing!
  10. Here's a current, ever so slightly crooked photo of what I'm working with these days:
  11. Yeah, I know it was 5x5 in the photo. The 5x5 in the photo wasn't built improperly, it was just on its side, which makes it very unstable due to the way weight is distributed, resulting in the photo. Putting a 2x4 on it's side will put it in the same position. As I said above, I don't think that would be an issue on it's own with a 2x4, but start stacking units and putting 40lbs amps on it and it could be risky. Proper anchoring would probably make it a non issue.
  12. I think the 2x4 expedit, laid on its side, is in the same position build wise that resulted in the (in)famous expedit photo. On it's own, it's not enough to collapse or break apart, but start staking more cubes and heavy equipment, and I wouldn't do it. Maybe with the right bracing, but then you have to wonder if it's worth it.
  13. So you're saying there may not be a UO exclusive picture disc?