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  1. Though I don't typically care for live albums OR picture discs... but I love their logo, and this set honestly LOOKS great. Might buy, depending on final price tag.
  2. Finally checked out all of the unreleased tracks and got the craziest chills. My cousin and I downloaded those tracks off some Geocities site when they were rumored to be on some movie whose name escapes me. Will be stoked to have all of these tracks on vinyl, considering the Airbag EP has some amazing cuts on it as well, and I'd been hoping they'd release it soon.
  3. Forgot to mention I'd received this yesterday, and that it looks and sounds fantastic, and that it came with the raddest little magnet that I had forgotten about!
  4. Just imagine the instagram pics...
  5. That's what I've expected to happen all along, and my assumption is that the sticker confirms it. If it truly was limited to... 3000? 6000? Sorry, I can't remember... the sticker would probably be more specific rather than just stating "Limited Edition."
  6. Y'all rule! Thanks for kicking ass all the time.
  7. Yea, I just spent way too much without thinking twice. Converge - YFM and AWLWLB on clear Touche Amore - PTSBBAM on clear and deluxe Death of Lover - BUAWOR on opaque light blue @CalebDW - I failed to realize the deluxe touche was on sale, is there any way to combine my orders? I know that's probably a pain in the ass, so no sweat if not... just checking.
  8. I'm gonna laugh when the lot of you get five copies each as a result of overreacting to the initial claims of its limited nature/being oversold.
  9. That's kind of what I keep holding out for... the pink vinyl sales tapered off the last few days, and with this beer color in the mix I wouldn't be surprised to see a US variant soon. Fingers crossed!
  10. 500 on beer here for slightly cheaper.
  11. Jesus. What a load of work. I think I remember seeing this around the time it came out. Mega props, though.
  12. Me me me! TLA only - got the box set already.
  13. One of my favorite record gimmicks ever.