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  1. The b-sides are up on Apple Music (probably Spotify) and I think I might like them better than "Prisoner" itself.
  2. Wanna trade? I always thought this cover was so lame, and I was kind of hoping they'd have kept that OG pressing cover.
  3. Bad Cop Bad Cop PO is up:
  4. Yea, just listened to this song on iTunes. This album is going to be a dud. Might have to cancel my Urban order.
  5. #buildawall #MAKEVINYLCOLLECTIVEGREATAGAIN #igotjokeskeepupthegoodworkjuan #buildawall #MAKEVINYLCOLLECTIVEGREATAGAIN #igotjokeskeepupthegoodworkjuan
  6. I will be flabbergasted if they are able to sell 1500 $125 tickets to their shows. Maybe I'm underestimating the relevance of this band, but I don't know why anyone would pay these inflated prices to meet people.
  7. It'd be dumb AF to do an entirely VIP-only repress, but then again... never say never.
  8. So, it looks as if this is getting a repress, but the only information I can find is through The Juliana Theory's unavailable pre-sale for their 20 year anniversary tour. More info to come?
  9. Well... this was stupid.
  10. You know what'd be cool? If they at least sent us the fucking b-sides. You know what'd be cool? If they at least sent us the fucking b-sides.
  11. I'm expecting at least one more delay.
  12. This sounds delicious and will now replace VMP's cocktail pairing. But to clarify, I'm not typically a "pairing" type of guy; however, I do somehow have a problem finding new cocktail recipes that are to my liking. Also, I forgot to mention that I got lucky and happened to have gotten a fantastic pressing, and the bass sounds incredibly rich.
  13. Do you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share?
  14. What the fuck kind of cocktail recipe is this? Two ingredients have to be ordered online - ha ha ha ha HAAAAAA.
  15. Man... signed on to my VMP and realized I had somehow accrued another $10 credit - so thanks to whoever hooked that shit up! Got that Pinkerton, finally.