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  1. fuck the haterz, you do you, VMP
  2. Honestly, Ive found most things with the MFSL label to be an excellent purchase, so thats a start for most of the heavy hitters
  3. nah...just shortened Dark Side Of The Moon and "big players" is like most 60-70s multi-platinums like DSOTM, Abbey Road, Aja, Rumours, etc.
  4. *Or am I better off hanging around Discogs and waiting for a decent quality "Original" to pop up at a acceptable price? * This, in my opinion, for most non-DSOTM things. Its probably pretty easy to identify the best-sounding reissues for the big players (, steve hoffman forums) or at least those that wont be tragic.
  5. yeah im kind of surprised they followed up DD with Tidal, honestly. Should have waited until June.
  6. for what its worth, heres my opinion. it starts with, "im not surprised, but surprised" if its kevin morby if you recall, most all new DD subscribers had to sign at least 3-month agreements. there was no way the third album was going to be a banger/in demand release. theres also no way there are 30K morby fans out there, much less those subscribed to VMP. so, they press 10-15K of these (which wont cost nearly as much to license), wait for people to make swaps, press more if needed...essentially, this month is worth probably 500-800K in dollars, and it will allow them to clear out some of the old ROTM (since plenty of people will swap), in addition, its highly unlikely they will have to hold onto 15-20K of the current ROTM. the real test will be can they sustain the subscriber uptick, and I think this is why the next ROTM will be on the level of DD, but they were always going to have a "meh" release this cycle in order to maximize the profit from DD. anyone else think the current business model is one that helps facilitate a sale? i think thats the logical next step (assuming it hasnt already happened) i really like kevin morby, also, but will likely swap
  7. yeah HS vs CS isnt even a debate. all sandwiches should be hot
  8. great prices, will look it over
  9. Yeah they will never top Belong, still preordered
  10. amazon PO available BTW, maybe they qualify as "brick and mortar"
  11. sorry is that number right?
  12. i have a pink with yellow splatter /200 that i dont need, if you are really interested. just shoot me an offer