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  1. Yeah, I think "Lemon" into "Rollin..." is a fantastic one-two punch and in all honesty, the record doesnt really let up from the beginning. Im not crazy about "Lil Dead Eye-d" but the whole thing is excellent
  2. got one, also grabbed that EU Splatter of Pray For Sound
  3. from Richars FB as much as you guys hate newbury, I hate LUNA (edit: obviously for different reasons...more hate that I cant be there)
  4. ergo the reason to get rid of monthly subscriptions. i think they are trying to get acquired, i bet we see a string of 3-6 great releases and then who knows
  5. wow, found this from one year ago
  6. this is mind blowing to me.
  7. i think even 3500 is p. high for them to sell all of them today but i could be wrong
  8. what you think 25000? i think you missed a zero
  9. so do "swaps" allow you to push your membership forward another month or do you have to swap for something already released? too lazy to look this up
  10. Nobody's really suggesting those are true test presses are they? Why would a plant make 50 tests of a 500 run? I just assume there are 10 black tests in plain jackets somewhere and we all have the "test pressing" limited variant
  11. In theory they should sound as good as any of the run, since they are pressed first
  12. why doesnt the seal go all the way around the box...obviously you could still tear it open through the side, but the open part looks perfectly sealable. i guess it should have a weight from when it was shipped and that weight should determine whether something guitar-ish was inside at that time...someone at UPS stole your guitar sounds like edit: now i see how comically small the box looks. not very subtle, thieves
  13. fascination bump...I thought "for sure those arent real bands" re: Shitter Limited
  14. yeah i put a page monitor on the vinyl films boxset a few years back to try to get one of the cheap ones that were popping up and it can notify you whenever the page changes, obviously before the mass email. Im sure that happens more often on discogs than we think