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  1. yeah i agree this should work. i broke a record that wouldnt come off last week and was worried i would break one the other day.
  2. Down The River/Black Sheep Boy/Stage Names is as good a stretch as any band in the 2000s and this is a great band. Im always interested to see whats next. I didnt love Away, but I ride hard for Sheff and co. and its exciting to hear what playful and "massive" OR sounds like
  3. The best David Bowie album

    these are all fine answers but the right one is The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
  4. PSA dont get fooled that if it goes on the spindle it will come off
  5. I mean WTF Marantz TT-15 - is the spindle just too big? or is the modern day record simply so thick that theres no give at the center hole. Ive had several that wont go on the platter without pressure and at least one that i had to break to get off (!). Am I missing something here?
  6. PO: Honey and Salt - S/T

    thanks, ordered!
  7. Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    only $31 shipped...5.50 shipping not bad. I think its the same version on bandcamp, i cant see why they would have two different clear green variants. that one is $37 shipped to the US
  8. thanks, I couldnt find that number for some reason
  9. <10 silver left by my count and trying to add to my cart >500 black left
  10. jump on that silver @drds89, there may only have been 100 of those as well certainly arent 50 left
  11. $41 shipped to US...I went for it to keep the streak alive
  12. Crosley t200

    a small step up from their briefcase models, i suspect, but Id probably take literally any other $100 entry level TT.
  13. not entirely clear on that, since Im not sure that accounts for all other ordering sources, as SSD, juno, amazon, bullmoose all have it listed for sale