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  1. yeah i started doing this recently when i bought my cleaner. definitely expensive spending .30/.60 for each LP/2LP
  2. Listened to that AH last night and it is excellent, I agree.
  3. Don, your knowledge of things Shoegaze and Post-Rock eclipses my own and most others around here I suspect. I am, by nature, excited about most things you post. I will probably wait for that upcoming "bundle price point" from Omnian...wish there was a limited version to convince me to pull the trigger earlier. At first I thought you said Omnivore (not Omnian) which got me VERY excited. Will pick this up for sure
  4. i wonder, and it makes no sense, if you ended up getting a DD spot instead. Email obv the best solution but Ive only been charged the 1/2/3 of the month before.
  5. and whats the difference in a (U.S.) Spring and other (E.U.?) Springs
  6. almost seven months ago they were being inserted into sleeves. what self respecting pressing plant, under any circumstances, would keep 500 units (?) of some low-level band/label just lying around, waiting for a decision on lenticular versus 3d versus regular covers . asking for a friend
  7. yeah i need to do this. ill look into it and report back if i find anything out, you guys do the same
  8. i know there is no shortage of links to click, but all those other people hate puppies, and I love puppies, so...
  9. If These Trees Could Talk - S/T + ATEBTS (Clear Orange/Clear Blue) (/100) Offer Nothing - Tired Of Tomorrow (Vertigo Flowers) (/125) Offer Nothing - Tired Of Tomorrow (Clear Red VMP) (309/500) $15 Nothing - Guilty Of Everything (Pink BC Awareness) (/500) $25 Nothing - Guilty Of Everything (Rainbow LGBT Awareness) (/500) $30 Black Moth Super Rainbow - Dandelion Gum (Black 2015 Repress) Offer Black Moth Super Rainbow - Dandelion Gum (Pink 2015 Repress) Offer By The End Of Tonight + Tera Melos - Complex Full Of Phantoms (Black) Offer Sun Kil Moon - Universal Themes $25 Surfer Blood - 1000 Palms (Green/Clear Starburst With Flexi) (476/500) $20 El Ten Eleven - Every Direction Is North (White) (48/500) $20 Mikal Cronin - MCII (Blue Newbury) (/500) $20 PJ Bond - Where Were You (Maroon) (/150) $10 Dosh - Milk Money (White) (/1350) $8 Sigur Ros - Takk (Black Repress) $40 Dosh - Milk Money (Black) (/300) $10 American Monoxide - Web Content (Purple With Bootleg Cover) (/350) $10 E!E!IWALE - You Will Eventually Be Forgotten (Black) (/250) $10 Sulk - No Illusions (Milky Wave Swirl) (/100) $18 Anderson Paak - Malibu (Cream Splatter TTL) $35 Or just offer what you think is fair. I prefer F&F and have pretty good feedback. Add $5 shipping for multiple items
  10. yeah i shouldnt have limited it to being a "good track", that whole album is very good
  11. this is the only thing i know Bob Forrest for, but its a pretty good track. Heard of Thelonious Monster but not any songs though
  12. yes. I had an order that i elected not to invoice from a foreign buyer early on in my discogs career. i cancelled the transaction (with no fault assigned to buyer) and they were able to leave negative feedback. im not sure if those rules still apply, as it was a few years ago