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  1. For our first 2018 release, we’re stoked to announce we’ll be working with Brian Rothenbeck & The Adventuring Party to release their new LP, “Basilisk.” Prior to this, Rothenbeck had only released solo recordings that featured acoustic guitars paired with otherwise sparse instrumentation. “Basilisk” adds a full band into the mix and the result is a folky/punk Americana rock record that’s sure to be enjoyed by fans of The Weakerthans, Uncle Tupelo, and PJ Bond. Check out the music video for the first single here: http://www.youdontknowjersey.com/2017/12/video-premiere-the-complete-guide-to-the-fucking-obvious-by-brian-rothenbeck-the-adventuring-party/ And pre-order the LP here: http://blacknumbers.limitedrun.com/products/607192-brian-rothenbeck-the-adventuring-party-basilisk
  2. Bumping this thread one more time. Still time to order one of these for the holidays. Get one for a friend, order one for yourself and gift the records you don't want, the possibilities are endless. Could really use the cash at the end of the year here.
  3. That definitely could have been the reason. Did you get your stuff yet? Sorry, I've been swamped and haven't come back to VC in a while.
  4. If you pre-ordered, you should definitely have your copy by now. Send an email to: [email protected], and they'll get you sorted.
  5. If you bought a box , this round or in the past, post your haul if you don't mind! This is one a friend of mine got:
  6. Same. I'd buy a nicer re-release if they did it, but I'm happy to have a playable copy that sounds good. I didn't realize the band wasn't on board at all until today.
  7. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    https://www.merchconnectioninc.com/collections/black-numbers/products/black-numbers-mystery-vinyl-box 10 records for $24.99 + media mail shipping ($8) Doing some vinyl mystery boxes. Lots of awesome punk, emo, indie, and a little bit of metal in here. You get 10 randomly selected releases from the list below. Almost all of them are 12", with a couple 7" picture discs. You won't get any duplicate releases. I'll also be shipping free glow in the dark water bottles to anyone who orders one of these. They're cool as hell. Working on clearing out some space in my warehouse before the new year. They need me to downsize and this is the best way I could think of to do it. Full list: Pass Away - Hey Death Northcote - S/T Muscle and Bone - Peace & Light Make War - S/T Podacter - Plays the Millenial Blues Nightmares for a Week/Banquets Split Banquets - S/T Banquets - Spit at the Sun Broken Field Runner - Clear a Heaven... PJ Bond - Where Were You? Placeholder - I Don't Need Forgiveness The Hunters - Art Electric The Color and Sound - Peace of Mind The Color and Sound - Spring Tour Typesetter - Wild's End In The Pines - Sides (Picture Disc) Lilac Daze (S/T CD with Flexi) Diamond - Don't Lose Your Cool Choke Up - Black Coffee, Bad Habits Attica! Attica! - Napalm and Nitrogen Cassavettes - Oh So Long Static Radio - An Evening of Bad Decisions Scary Stories - Rope (Picture Disc) Roger Harvey - Twelve Houses Sad and French - S/T Fucko - Dealing With the Weird The Sun The Moon The Stars - Mind Reader Tidal Arms - S/T
  8. Was lucky enough to snag one of the Fest presses, and the shirt they did with the glow ink.
  9. PO: Save Ends - A Book About Bad Luck

    These are in stock and shipping! Record release show next week!
  10. PO: Static Radio - Resentiments EP

    These will begin shipping next week.
  11. These are in stock, all pre-orders have shipped! Not many left. We've also got a handful of Hot Knife Party Packs left over from Fest. Info here: https://www.facebook.com/blacknumbersmusic/photos/a.238114569552342.61853.131678846862582/1664658786897906/?type=3&theater