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  1. What is the line?
  2. ahh yes, you just made me realize I wear my work headset backwards
  3. Good video, I seem to only be getting audio from the left channel though
  4. I wouldn't. I have your same collection through perils and I still consider that complete.
  5. Hell yes. This is gonna be my summer jam album this year
  6. Really VC? Not a single comment.?? It's out today and this album is straight FIRE get on it VC
  7. Not sure why this hasn't been posted on here yet but this album is gonna be awesome from the singles posted so far. Solo effort from Jack Steadman (Bombay Bicycle Club) PO Limted Edition Signed LP
  8. Good ol' Amazon Shelbs savin' the day
  9. Never seen Amazon exclusives before I guess. I can get on board
  10. Is this legit?
  11. That "Demogorgon Swirl" does look like the best variant yet. Is that part of the box set, or will this be available for order separately?