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  1. Gumbo seems like a solid dude to me, based on the advice he's given on here. So i'm fairly confident you will be able to find another (hopefully older) woman who is closer to being on the same page as you. As Trump would say, she's a MESS. Probably best to get out now and find someone else or just keep being alone and awesome until the time is right.
  2. Gotta say, we were caught a bit off guard by the outpouring of demand for Abandoned Mansion vinyl. At first when people would ask about vinyl we’d always go “No we’re not gonna make vinyl.” Then so many people asked about vinyl we were thinkin in our heads like "hmm maybe we should make vinyl..." Then Toby talked to a guy who's brother went to a business school and he confirmed what we were already suspecting: we should make Abandoned Mansion vinyl. So we did. In true modern fashion we only made a little bit so you gotta think fast and act faster. Today you can buy Vinyl here while supplies last. Also, you can find a limited quantity of Abandoned Mansion vinyl at select indie record shops. Enjoy. @…..@ ….@
  3. Give me The Sundays or give me death
  4. Good Apollo, I'm Kendrick Lamar IV
  5. Got my copy of Songs For Silverman yesterday. That tip-on Jacket is VERY nice
  6. So awesome that Army starts off side b, but its odd that the Hostipal ends with that gong and then there will be a gap going into Army as you flip it
  7. Thomas & Friends – Steam, Rattle, and Roll [10”] (Transparent Blue Vinyl, lyric sheet, limited to 1500, indie-retail exclusive)
  8. Yep, finally pulled the trigger on a clear. Been listening to this way too much on Spotify since it came out
  9. Updated list, sold a few, removed a few, added wantlist
  10. This also wasn't entirely my thing, let me know if any of you guys are up for a trades
  11. buncha babies. Too bad they're incredibly talented at driving really fast
  12. Kyle always looks like an idiot