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  1. Do you not preview your nostalgia buys on CD or Spotify before you buy the record? I like to make sure I still like the album before I pull the trigger
  2. Say it Don't Spray it is the jam
  3. Really digging Chad's guitar solos on this record
  4. This album is straight Summer '83
  5. I think Steve used to write all the lyrics before, who's writing them now?
  6. found a link from a basic google search, giving it a whirl now Edit: Am I listening to NFG, or the Cool Runnings Soundtrack? Edit again: I fucking love this
  7. I feel better about my OG copy now. I can live without the Wild Horses extra track on side B. As someone mentioned earlier I'll be hoping Static gets some decent treatment, that's the only one I don't have and probably my favorite of all the Sundays
  8. Really wanna see what that Sundays Brown LP looks like, someone post a pic?
  9. Aint nobody prayin' for @WAXXX
  10. Annie are you lowkey? are you lowkey? are you lowkey, Annie?
  11. I feel the leak coming