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  1. Give it time....
  2. @dantheriver, Shipping notification received from Norman!!
  3. so, this is impressive
  4. oooooooof, that's hard to look at
  5. "Warriors blew a 3-0 lead" nahhhhhhhhhhhh
  6. I feel your same regret for not jumping on the PO. I jumped on the u.u. Signed Kdot PO pretty early and waited through all that mess so that surely played a little into my hesitation this time around. Pretty bummed out since this is my most listened to record of 2017
  7. Current state of the world: POTUS is up late at night poop tweeting, Mainstream media and social media loses their minds over a typo it's a great day to be alive folks
  8. I watched some of the videos from the performance last night in Detroit, he was slurring and pretty lethargic up there. Have to believe he was under the influence of something. But then again, I know very little about Chirs Cornell so that could have been a normal thing for him to look and sound like that.