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  1. Had these singles on repeat all week. This is shaping up to be an AOTY contender if the rest of the album follows suit. Going to likely snag a Deluxe copy this week. These songs are so emotional and blunt and it comes across beautifully. I almost feel like he pushed himself to another level on this album and has more freedom and soul without Amber to explore new sounds.
  2. Alright, i'm back. This time to talk about how goddamn lazy his album covers are. Have a look at this one, he literally snapped it with his iPhone 6 out his non-scenic hotel window. In the reflection you can see the hotel curtains. That is all SAD
  3. Recently put mine on the ground with a 1 year old. I just give him a good stern 'NO' when he starts to play with them. He seems responsive that he knows whats on/off limits. At the end of the day, they're just records and can be replaced. If you have some holy-grails just place them up high somewhere if you're worried about it
  4. Pretty much
  5. This is starting to look like a Mark Kozelek thread
  6. The new single 'Cool Your Heart' is boss
  7. Soooooo headphone guy is out of a job now, right? I don't hear any real instrument
  8. Seriously, fuck this guy. I only post in here hoping he will eventually read this thread while searching for album reviews, as he sits alone in his hotel bathtub
  9. Ok, so I got 4 songs in against my own will: Guys, please let's be honest with ourselves here, this is complete dogshit. I've never seen an artist fall so far from what they once were, and no, this is not musical growth. This is a man who's stringing his fans along for financial gain by putting out songs that take 12 minutes to write in a studio on the fly. I'm starting to think he's really lost his mind OR he is in some kind of financial crisis which requires him to release 2 albums a year and various live recordings to pay whatever addiction he has. I've seen artists genuinely try hard and still put out something that doesn't work, but if we're real to ourselves here, he's not even trying. Please listen to 'Chili Lemon Peanuts' and convince me he has not 100% made his transition into Wesley Willis. Don't lie to yourselves, this is lazy ass garbage songwriting and its a slap in the face to music in general
  10. I'll hold out for the green/brown splatter vomit LP. There were a ton of variants for Resurrection so I'm going to bet there's more where this came from
  11. Write good shit, we'll stop complaining. Make Kozelek Great Again
  12. right, not always a bad thing but certainly takes a lot of love, work, forgiveness and understanding.
  13. I can relate to this. My wife and I met at 17, married at 21. Many, many mistakes we both made in our immature years that haunt us now. I've said to her on many occasions I wish I would have met her in my 30s.
  14. Valentine's day tends to bring that out in people