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  1. I have nothing to base this on at all, but I doubt it'll just be a repress of the original. I'm feeling more of a "standard edition 2xLP" type of vibe. Maybe 4x10" but in a simpler package - or even as separate 2x10" for Vol 1/Vol 2? Just spitballing here. But who knows, really. Besides the people involved.
  2. Holy shit, new Screaming Females double album! 2xLP is $23 Deluxe 3xLP is $32 Gallery Edition is $150 http://dongiovannirecords.com/releases/screaming-females-all-at-once/
  3. You can keep a copy, you don't have to keep buying and selling it.
  4. I'll sell ya the green one for $140
  5. and here I am ordering them when they weren't sold out and not getting one of them. smh
  6. Is this mould?

    We're just bored and like puns.
  7. Let Go is showing for me as "item packaged" and Under My Skin is "cancelled" so I'd conclude that if you're packaged you're good. I'm giving Elusive Disc a shot? They still have it listed and orderable.
  8. Anyone have any experience with this store? They legit?
  9. I just got this from Bull Moose specifically in reference to Under My Skin: augh! Still shipping Let Go though.