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  1. A little surprised there wasn't a thread for this album. Anyway, I got a copy of this on RSD and the record labels are blank white. I was just curious if anyone else had seen or heard about this. I've seen pictures of what the labels are supposed to look like. I figure mine is just a one-off error or something. EXTRA RARE
  2. yeah, real talk, this sounds really good. just from the first notes of the bass synth it was very deep and clear.
  3. RSD worked out for me very well overall. I was considering waking up early to try to get to the Harvard Square Newbury Comics, but my dog was being real snuggly (she does that when it's rainy/gloomy in the morning) so slept in a bit. Got to Harvard Square at 9, snagged a parking space literally in front of the door to the Garage, headed in. They had the SDRE record, but Coheed was gone. Those were my big two for the day. They had roughly one zillion copies of the Pearl Jam 7" so I snagged that as well since "State of Love and Trust" is low key my fave PJ song. Got breakfast burritos at El Jefe's downstairs in the Garage (HIGHLY recommended if you're around at the appropriate time), went over to Armageddon. Not much to my interest there but I did get the Trans Am album which had slipped my mind as a thing that was happening. Right around this time some impromptu brunch plans happened with some friends (always down for saturday morning dranks), and I simultaneously remembered that the old Alewife Newbury Comics moved into the Galleria, which was on the way to the brunch spot. They had gotten two copies of the Coheed album and they were both still there - victory! Headed off to brunch real happy and made it better with bloody marys and cider. Later in the day, checked VC, realized I had forgotten that there were R.L. Burnside, Sia, and Thrice releases. Headed to Newbury Street, got the Sia record along with the new Minus the Bear, and the Muna record which was surprisingly in the sale bin. Asked a staff dude about the Burnside record, he checked the other stores' stock in the system and two other stores had copies. Snagged a burger at Shake Shack and then went back to the Galleria and they still had it, hell yeah. Figured I wasn't gonna find the Thrice record at 8PM anywhere so I called it a day and went to do some repair work on my drums. Ordered the Thrice 7" this morning from leftovers. Success kid meme. Total loot: Coheed SDRE R.L. Burnside Trans Am Sia Pearl Jam Thrice Muna (non RSD) Minus the Bear (non RSD)
  4. This seems hilarious to me because both Newbury Comics stores I went to after 7PM last night still had well over 10 of these.
  5. If you're in the Boston area, Newbury Comics Harvard Square apparently sold out immediately, but the Cambridgeside Galleria got two copies and they were both still there at 10 AM. I bought one so there's one left. Armageddon apparently didn't get any.
  6. Good lookin' out. That's a nice looking variant too.
  7. fuck. really torn about this. on one hand, fucking $50 picture disc. on the other hand, Retreat from the Sun. augh.
  8. Honestly, I'd think at this point a Discogs median value is about as close as you could possibly come to a fair value. If an insurance company wouldn't accept that in conjunction with photographs of your collection, and instead insists on an "appraisal", consider getting different insurance .
  9. the price for SC&M on matadorrecords.com is literally half what Newbury is charging.
  10. I'm into it. it's funny, it took me a long time to get into the s/t. I think I listened to it 5-6 times right when it came out and wasn't feeling it. About a month later I went back and it really clicked with me. I really appreciated that the direction was a little different. If every album sounded like AWKIF or Riot, it would stop being interesting. (imo)
  11. The "frustration" is not that you were asking a question or "asking others to do the work for you," it's that there's a thread for questions of this exact type and you made your own thread anyway. And also for some reason you double-quoted my posting the link to that thread with no response, which is just weird.
  12. It's by far my favorite YTL album, and I really love the look they decided to go for with it, but unlike The Saint, I'm not putting up with this bullshit anymore. The standard variant goes for like $24-25. It's one thing when they charge a few bucks extra. $40 is a fully dickheaded price.