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  1. if you create an account with the same email, it automatically pulls the order in and you can see the details.
  2. PO: Our Lady Peace- Clumsy

    Yeah, I never really considered him an influence on my drumming (I always thought Brendan Canty and Chad Gracey were my biggest influences, plus obvious dudes like Neil Peart, &c.) but in the last couple of years I've come to realize that I copped a lot of shit from Jeremy Taggart. Dude's really good and definitely has "a voice" on the kit.
  3. PO: Our Lady Peace- Clumsy

    Yeah, for as "limited" of a guitar player Mike Turner supposedly was, out of this band's 4 best albums he co-wrote three and played on all four. Also all four were produced by Arnold Lanni and sound great. It makes me think of Coheed and Cambria and Josh Eppard. The albums without him are good in their own ways, but they sound extremely different and are lacking the groove that is unique to Josh. Once he came back, they "sounded like Coheed" again to me. Claudio is obviously the face of the band and plays a massive role in writing and shaping the music, but for me Josh is the glue that makes them stick. Mike Turner obviously had more to do with what made Our Lady Peace so good than Raine would like anyone to believe.
  4. You can buy the copy I or dozens of others cancelled!
  5. I dunno. Makes sense to me that people who play music would also probably want to buy records. Seems like a semi-obvious expansion to a related market for them.
  6. PO: Our Lady Peace- Clumsy

    Same. Well, I mean, I kinda know. No one mentioned it here. Happiness is a glaring hole. Gotta happen soon, right?
  7. PO: Our Lady Peace- Clumsy

    It's available on both amazon.com and amazon.ca (through marketplace sellers).
  8. If you're suggesting that these two things happened at the same time (2009), then no. The lowest price AAPL was at in 2009 was about $80. It was down around $6.50 in 1997 right around when Steve Jobs returned. Also if you were in college in 2009 then you're decidedly not old.
  9. holy shit am I glad I cancelled my limited order when the Jesse news broke.
  10. I was considering a bit of a bulk order (the two new album variants, the first album, and the Cayetana split) and the shipping was something like $50 US for ~$75-80 of merch. I mean, I'm still considering it. But it's a lot.
  11. I'm half tempted to order the Australian variants but the shipping is bruuuuuutal.
  12. If you haven't heard "The Opener" yet, well... it's fierce as hell.
  13. Available to order now in the US from Run for Cover: http://www.runforcoverrecords.com/products/606320-camp-cope-how-to-socialise-make-friends And in AU from Poison City: https://poisoncityestore.com/collections/frontpage/products/camp-cope-how-to-socialise-make-friends-lp US Pressing info: 300 Clear with Blue & Pink Splatter 700 Red Inside Clear 1000 Pink/Black Swirl (Indie Retail Exclusive) 1000 Pink AU Pressing Info Red/Pink Split Green Glass/Pink Splatter
  14. PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    Nice. that's the only one I didn't get.