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  1. the selling price has been creeping up over time as well. $220 is less than all of the current asking prices available on discogs so I'd be tempted to go for it. I had a chance to get this for like $160 at one point and I missed out. still kicking myself over that.
  2. you might be getting the Brand New brain parasites. I thought almost exactly nothing of it. June 5th is in the relatively recent past and my guess was they were planning to release then but it got delayed.
  3. my card got charged from paramore.net. woo!
  4. I've been waiting for this since I saw them last month with Cayetana. They were really great live, and super nice.
  5. Radioactive was a joint venture between MCA and Gary Kurfirst (who managed lots of bands). MCA ended up getting bought by Universal. Universal also owns Geffen. Bull Moose is showing the label as being Geffen, so I'm guessing Universal just moved the Radioactive catalog over to Geffen at some point (if there were any reissues of those albums).
  6. I could not have thrown $70 at Julien Baker any faster than I did when these went up this morning. Also "Appointments" is great.