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  1. dig the single. definitely in on that sweet, sweet clear.
  2. Deftones are on record as being heavily influenced by Hum, so this makes some sense.
  3. New song is pretty good. I definitely was not expecting such a level of pop shininess though.
  4. Because people don't want to wade through multiple threads about the same topic? There is already a thread that's active about this album. It's not like the thread has been dormant for 4 years - the last post was 13 hours ago.
  5. All opening bands on upcoming dates have pulled out, via pitchfork: http://pitchfork.com/news/73450-pwr-bttm-lose-touring-members-opening-band-amid-sexual-abuse-controversy/
  6. Tancred, who was the (a?) support act for the tour, pulled out today.
  7. I had a feeling that this would end up being very different, and it is, and I'm pretty pleased with it tbh.
  8. I was lucky enough to grab an OG about 6 months ago for a very good price, but obviously I gotta jump on this. Especially if it's clear as the picture implies.
  9. You're not too fat until they don't sell shirts big enough to fit you.