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  1. Got a shipping confirmation for my clear copy today after I sent ANOTHER inquiry email yesterday. So maybe soon...
  2. PO: Galactic Empire S/T (Star Wars Heavy Metal)

    Just noticed a repress for this up. Still limited to /1138 - http://galacticempire.merchnow.com/products/v2/254257/self-titled-half-clear--half-orange-w-splatter
  3. I completely retract this statement. Reading though your reasons for using Discogs and the whole barcode scanner in the App has made me abandon Google Docs and join the Discogs cult.
  4. Just so everyone knows, I glared at this record on the merch table last night for all of us.
  5. These are at the merch table tonight and tomorrow night in SF, and LA this weekend, according to The Bronx IG. I guess I should buy one and try to cancel my order through Riot Style, but I'm thinking I will never get a reply or some bullshit excuse like the "we can't be responsible for it getting lost by changing the address" excuse from above. I really do hate records. Why do we do this???
  6. I had the same debate with myself about a month ago. I finally decided on Google Docs because I like the clean look of all the titles in one place. Discogs isn't awful, but I have quite a few older albums and I just want to list the label and color, rather than trying to look at the matrix to make sure I choose the correct press and whatnot. I also didn't want to have to create a new listing if something isn't on Discogs. I guess it really boils down to me being lazy, and Google Docs let me stay that way.
  7. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Just got a cancellation email and $20 coupon from DeepDiscount for the Box of Souls. Such is life.
  8. Same. I just want the Amber jacket with the Dilophosaurus records.
  9. PO Now: The Bronx - V

    I noticed they wouldn’t add to my cart from the main page. I had to click on each album and then add it to my cart. Maybe that’s it?
  10. PO Now: The Bronx - V

    I bought all three and kinda hate myself. I guess that’s how this hobby goes most of the time.
  11. PO Now: The Bronx - V

    Now comes the probelm of deciding if I should buy online or hope for copies at the SF show on 12/8. I hate records.
  12. Late to the party on her, but damn is this a fine album! I wonder if I should just go with a black copy? People still buy black records right?
  13. I asked about the clear tour copy and got the answer that it is limited to 400-500. So there's that.