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  1. You guys are crazy. This album is super.
  2. Hope baby is well....


    Was interested in the following:

    Al Green - Greatest Hits

    Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

    Foo Fighters - the Colour and the Shape

    Explosions in the Sky - Friday Night Lights

    Explosions in the Sky - The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place


    1. gmoney


      message me an offer on those individually and we can go from there



    I had a baby! And I have more bills! Sooooo BUMP
  4. "Hey! I'm sure you're anxious to receive your Half Hearted Hero - Isn't Real LP. I talked to Matt at Animal Style records today to get an update on production. They hit a snag in manufacturing and had to move to a new pressing plant in the middle of production and that delayed the ship date quite a bit. They're currently expecting to finish pressing these mid August. They'll then ship them to us, and us to you. You can expect to receive your record late August. I hope this clears things up! Please feel free to respond to this email if you have any questions."
  5. This is up on Amazon with a release date of December 31, 2016. Sounds right.
  6. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    I'm trying to figure out if I'm being punked here before responding.
  7. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    People comparing this to Chung King clearly know nothing.
  8. I found this at home when I was cleaning this weekend. I don't know why I'm posting it here, but I have probably lived a pretty privileged life so far, as Jon is one of the few people I've known that died pretty young. Such a great guy, and was a little teary-eyed thinking of the times that I met him and enjoyed each others company. So there's this.
  9. WTB: Anathallo CD's & Records

    Now that I went back through I wasn't sure if people wanted to see the unmastered Hymns or the Holiday at the Sea. I only picked up the former. Here's a pic. I can provide any info about it you want, including how it was recorded, what's different in these mixes, etc.
  10. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    Got mine today.
  11. WTB: Anathallo CD's & Records

    I picked up the unmastered Hymns album from my parents house this weekend. Will post next week.
  12. Just a heads up for those looking for Requiem still: The distributor is still sitting on a TON of copies of this. Meaning your local store can still order it. It's not that it was in huge demand - stores just didn't order enough. There are 5,000 copies. This is not rare. It will be popping up over the next few weeks lots of places. PSA over.
  13. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    I think this album is their best yet. It's all I've listened to for about a week now.
  14. WTB: Anathallo CD's & Records

    I'll try and post one soon.