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  1. Glad they added more stock on this one. I was going to go and buy a VIP concert ticket just to secure one if they did not!
  2. I'm just glad the site did not crash. (Bad memories of staying up until 4am trying to buy the Alexisonfire Boxset a few Christmases ago)
  3. Well, it at least it was 30 more than the OC/YC screen print cover ;/
  4. Hey man! Sent you a PM about some PTH records!

  5. That's an amazing poster. I wonder if we can buy a non-signed regualar version anywhere
  6. Yeah, I'm glad I threw in the towel on the complete C&C variant collection.
  7. Man, I've known about this one for weeks now. I've been waiting in silent anticipation. (Saw it on dine alone's store when they were just testing it weeks ago listed as sold out) And the limited bone version is here: https://cityandcolour.store-08.com/music/cc050062-city-and-colour-peaceful-road-rain-12-vinyl-single-bone/
  8. Moneen - The Red Tree (Boxset)

    No Ribbon, No Striped Mailer, Not dissapointed in the least here
  9. Moneen - The Red Tree (Boxset)

    Damn, they look bloody amazing.
  10. Once the new PM releases arrive I'll go though my variant collection once more, hopefully I can help fill some of these . I wish you luck with that brown marble Scurrilous, thats going to be a tough one. Also, have you gotten a copy of the Search for the Truth 7" yet?
  11. Fuck me, I missed out on this now it's sold out everywhere. *edit, after a battle with store-08 I finally got a checkout done. What a nightmare of a website
  12. Fuck. It's on store-08 Hopefully the website will not crash this time.
  13. Not sure. I would assume S&F based on the bands focus this year, but who knows! I suspect/hope the entire catalog is in the works
  14. I've been waiting 20 years for this. So very pleased to see its on Dine Alone!
  15. Stayed up till almost 2 AM with that dyinc C&C site. Somehow managed to snag a /400 edition according to my email, even though the confirmation page never actually loaded. I'm glad I stopped collecting all of his variants on that last tour.