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  1. A full claw foot tub weighs upwards of 1000 lbs. You'll be ok.
  2. I have both and Hang Ups is waaaay better than S/T. Been a minute since I've listened to it but I remember sounding great.
  3. Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

    Hmm, I thought he added a ton haha. I think they pulled off some cool shit, almost mimicking electronic beats with real drums, and that having both drum tones so similar helped to achieve that.
  4. Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

    It's blowing my mind that people think TKOL is lifeless sounding. I think it has one of the most immediately recognizable textures of any album, like ever. And there were two drummers on it! But ya know, opinions. Didn't love the new song upon first listen, then I went home and listened to it on my main setup and that immediately changed. Crazy composition with the strings, love the subtle changes in mood from part to part, rather than standard verse/chorus/verse shit. Getting some heavy Jonny Greenwood soundtrack vibes. Stoked.
  5. This will never change unless Citizens United gets overturned.
  6. That video was great! Also, Dave is really starting to look like Jeff Lynne from ELO.
  7. I spend waaaay more money in local stores than online. Its pretty rare that I preorder online, but I'm not into variant collecting or anything like that. Most of my online purchases have been OOP titles that I'd never find in a store, and hell even that I've only done maybe 5 times. There have been a couple records I was looking for for years that could have been easily found online, but I get way more enjoyment from stumbling upon one at a store. For me, that's the fun part of the hobby, walking into a store a finding that random record you've wanted for years.
  8. post your set-up thread

    Yup, its a Nova 220se.
  9. Shit is crazy. So scared that Trump and Hillary end up the nominees, and then Hillary gets indicted or something for this email shit, and we end up with President Trump.
  10. post your set-up thread

    Couple quick shots of the Sonus Fabers I just picked up. Wooo! These really fit well with my taste for speakers. I have pretty bad tinitus, so finding speakers that don't fatigue my ears quickly without sacrificing high end extension has been a challenge to say the least. Spent literally all weekend listening to these and didn't get worn out once.
  11. Damn, that post was supposed to say people were saying the built in speakers sound good. Maybe I should chill on the makers mark. But anyways, I agree.