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  1. Counter-counter-anecdote: You cannot buy it on Amoeba's website anymore
  2. Still no sign of my Pledge Music order even though they were supposed to have shipped on the 9th. Anyone get theirs yet?
  3. So if I sign up on the 15th before the prices go up, will I get Tennis or the April record?
  4. Liked that single but haven't seen her live so no opinion on the rest of her catalogue/her performance
  5. Its for her new song. The 7" in the PaxAm store doesnt have smoke signals on it FWIW I'd love it if someone could grab me one as well
  6. Dennis Wilson - Bambu (The Caribou Sessions) is the only must have for me so far. But I'm sure I missed something scanning through that I'll find out about later
  7. Throwing my hat in for any/all for the Stripes/Stooges/MC5 LPs
  8. I preordered the box set so if anyone can send me some papers id appreciate it
  9. Most people are guessing a working mini arcade machine since its greyed out with a question mark
  10. Complete tracklist of the boxset via Ryan's Twitter
  11. Im in the same boat. It's gonna be a pain in the ass to listen to....but 17 B-sides! Not to mention how much this will cost on the secondary market if I change my mind later. Decisions, decisions.....
  12. $150 PRISONER: END OF WORLD EDITION INCLUDES: Twelve 7" records (All 12 songs from Prisoner) 17 previously unreleased B-sides Each record is a different color with unique cover art Real working lights and sound!! Full band 2D action figures & stage accessories!!! Mega Amps! Felines! Video Game! Pedal Board! And MORE!!! BUT WAIT there's more... All orders will receive Prisoner digitally on February 17th, 2017 B-sides will be sent digitally when the End of World Edition ships BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! MORE surprises hidden inside, for you to figure out! Limited edition, only one production run!
  13. 7" boxset confirmed