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  1. Swapped out Betty Davis. Album is fine but I'm guessing in 6 months to a year it'll be like that Torres record and be on discogs for $8-10
  2. Looks like a new remaster. From the description on Third Man's site: Remastered from the original 1” analog tapes in Nashville, TN, Icky Thump will be the first-ever Vault title manufactured at Third Man Pressing in Detroit.
  3. PSA: while you wait for the physical copy you can stream it on their bandcamp:
  5. The band has started teasing new material on Twitter & are selling a limited edition 12" single entitled "Everything Now" (and new merch) at Primavera Sound
  6. Exactly. I wasn't blaming anyone just pointing out how ridiculous shipping can be
  7. Yeah but it shouldn't take my record three or four days to get an hour down the road
  8. Better than what I spent on the boxset for Trouble will Find Me haha
  9. Looks like its gone now
  10. Just ordered a blue with no problems
  11. Did some poking around on 4AD's site and found the preorder page is live even though it hasnt officially announced yet The National- Sleep Well beast 9/8/17 2xLP limited blue vinyl 2XLP white vinyl
  12. I thought Jack White was a Nashville exclusive, but my local store had 1 copy
  13. I thought we couldnt post codes anymore