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  1. I thought Jack White was a Nashville exclusive, but my local store had 1 copy
  2. I thought we couldnt post codes anymore
  3. Andrew: This is the first black vinyl Record of the Month we’ve done since, what, Big Bill Broonzy 15 months ago. Why did we end up doing black on this release? Cam: Fiona’s camp decided that since this is Tidal’s first release, they wanted to try to keep it as much as possible like it would have been if the vinyl came out in 1996. If they were doing the vinyl package in 1996, they would not have put it on color vinyl. They would have included a lyric book identical to what came with the cd. They wouldn’t have added bonus tracks or an additional disc or done alternate art work. It would have just been the album, on high quality black vinyl, and that’s it. So that’s what we went with. And I actually love the simplicity of it. Andrew: We also ended up choosing 45RPM, right? Cam: Yeah, on the first version of test pressing at 33RPM, the songs just didn’t pop like we or her team wanted them to. We agreed that we should go to 45RPM to get more musical info on the disc—which is what happens with a 45RPM master—and Tidal sounded a lot more dynamic at 45RPM. Andrew: And before we go, since people will ask and insinuate, there are no current plans to do this reissue on the label’s side, right? Cam: Correct. This reissue is coming out exclusively through Vinyl Me, Please.
  4. I think one of their mods hinted at people who wanted Fiona being "very happy" with the June store. Hopefully they're repressing her discography
  5. So is red only available from Kendricks store?
  6. I may be wrong, but I think they got rid of the crate subscriptions (except for those that were grandfathered in)
  7. If anyone needs a referral code. Just PM me if you use it, so I can make sure we both get our $10 credit
  8. Tidal confirmed "I'm strong like music" is a lyric from Slow Like Honey
  9. Storf bought the record when he was 11 (He was 11 from April 1997 to April 1998). When The Pawn came out in 1999
  10. Pax-Am are sorry to announce a delay with the “Prisoner End Of World Edition Boxsets.” Quality is important & we need to make sure everything is perfect. We apologize for the delay & any inconvenience caused. We hope that all will be forgiven once boxes ship out - on or around April 28 (US Store Orders) May 10 (UK Store Orders).
  11. Out this Summer via Young Turks Throughout the EP, Washington explores the musical technique of counterpoint, which the avant-garde jazz player defines as "the art of balancing similarity and difference to create harmony between separate melodies."
  12. Altered Beast (Tri-Color) /2000 (Flightless) Floating Fire (Splatter) /2000 (Flightless) Vomit Coffin ( blob with splatter wax) /2000 (Flightless) Ashes of the Universe (Ultra Clear with Black Smoke) /1000 (ATO) Vomit Splatter Colored Vinyl (Swamp Green with Heavy Olive and Mustard Splatter) /? (ATO) Glow in the Dark /? (Heavenly) Black /? (Heavenly) Blood Pool Blue /3000 Indie Store Exclusive
  13. So I currently have a Marantz PM6004 & am about to grab some HD 650's (They're only $315 on Amazon right now) to use at night when the wife/kid is asleep. As the 6404's headphone amp isn't great I've been looking at finding an alternative and the internet seems really high on both the Schiit Valhalla 2 & Bottlehead Crack with Speedball. Does anyone have any experience with either? Or is there something else you recommend? In researching it looks like the original Valhalla didn’t allow you to roll tubes (?), but that seems to have changed with the Valhalla 2. But I’ve seen reports of it still sounding pretty solid state. The Bottlehead Crack seems nice, but I have next to no soldering experience & so I’d probably try to find one on eBay or Craigslist
  14. Someone was saying that apparently the tracks don't fade into each other? Can anyone confirm?