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  1. PO NOW: Carpenter Brut - Leather Teeth

    Kinda lame the variants are tour only, especially since the North American tour this time around isn’t too extensive. Of course im only saying that because it’s nowhere close to me.
  2. PO NOW: Carpenter Brut - Leather Teeth

    There's a pink tour exclusive variant.
  3. PO NOW: Carpenter Brut - Leather Teeth

    Waiting for a US preorder
  4. All are like new, I don't know if I've ever even played any of them. Portal of I - 2xLP Purple - $50 Citadel - 1xLP Clear - $25 Urn - 2 x LP - Crystal Clear Solid Orange / Black (comes with patch) - $50 Take all 3 for $105 US Only, Shipping not included.
  5. PO: THE SWORD - Used Future

    http://merchnow.com/catalogs/the-sword affordable version
  6. PO: THE SWORD - Used Future

    Waiting for the affordable version
  7. Prepare for $25 with $15 shipping.
  8. Can’t believe Metal Blade lost them to Sumerian
  9. Best part is Ken didn't so Spiraling Void, it's still Demon Carcass on the album
  10. Preorders up on Sumerian store, 2 variants. https://www.sumerianstore.com/collections/pre-orders
  11. Hollywood was Sumerian, but they’re closed now.
  12. I can confirm the Eu vinyl doesn’t have the bonus track
  13. Black Dahlia Murder - Miasma

    Fucking finally