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  1. You sure those aren't from the inauguration? I heard it was the largest ever.
  2. I would love to hear an elaboration on this.
  3. For all the supposed outsiders Trumps campaign is the same as the rest. Approval ratings in the shitter. Better drop a bomb on someone. Mouth breathers love that dick waving.
  4. Sorry. Wrote from my phone quickly. I meant the writing and recording process.
  5. I'll pay soon. Just checking in to confirm. Not on the boards as much anymore.
  6. Curious to see what they cook up this time. Last record was pretty different and by all accounts, a rough effort. Dunno if they'll double-down on that vibe or pull a 180. Or what. Excited to find out.
  7. Me too! Granted, I auto-drafted so it is always a crapshoot. I kind of like my team though!
  8. Same. Thankfully this project is better so I quickly move on. That said, I don't looooooove this single.
  9. This is so generic I looked for the Skip Ad button for the first 20 seconds.
  10. Hey dudes. Looking for a little help finding stuff of a certain sound. In an effort to avoid describing it clumsily here are a few videos. If you have any more that sound like this, let me know. More specifically, stuff that sounds like these songs, not these artists in general.
  11. I think Alexandra Savior has taken that crown now anyway.
  12. This is a picture disc that will be a nostalgia purchase or perhaps nabbed by the occasional completionist. Nobody is actually going to play it. So, my man, the question is moot.
  13. Yeah, that makes no sense to me. Especially because the cameras feeding the TV seem to be garbage. She was awesome. Went in to that one blind, became a fan.
  14. I think they'll continue to refine and build on what was working, so I think the story missions will offer more story and cutscenes but play similarly. Possibly with the addition of some light raid mechanics or something to give boss battles more weight. I'm expecting more diversity, but it will play similar to how the game plays now. That said, based on how they evolved the first game and the continued inclusion of record books, the grind will still be real. Continuing the speculation, I suspect they were caught wrong-footed with the popularity of PvP and will have a pretty solid multiplayer component.
  15. I've heard with Google that many employees did the application cycle twice before offer. Making on-site is absolutely a great sign. Typically you want to wait a year, which sucks. In the interim, try to keep growing your skillset for the next go round. Lots of other stuff up here though Chkdea. What is your background again? How is M$? You are on the Cortana team, right?