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  1. This new single is awesome. I'm absolutely sure some people will hate it but if they want to do a dance record I'm all for it. Which is weird because I think the new DFA1979 is garbage for the same reason.
  2. That's a hell of a rant!
  3. I've spent a good amount of time in both Philly and Montreal. I think Montreal is the better city in my opinion. Philly would be fine but Danbury is kind of, ehhhhh. I could be worse I guess. Go for whatever is the best career move. You can always leave.
  4. No resale value on this one Ben. You might want to pass.
  5. I don't know what all the fuss is about here. I think it's fine if queer bands hate straight people. Just because I chose to be straight doesn't mean they have to respect or agree with my decision. It's a free country.
  6. Huge Lanegan fan but this release isn't really landing for me. I've tried a bunch to get into but I only really dig a track or two. Hope others are having more luck.
  7. You sure those aren't from the inauguration? I heard it was the largest ever.
  8. I would love to hear an elaboration on this.
  9. For all the supposed outsiders Trumps campaign is the same as the rest. Approval ratings in the shitter. Better drop a bomb on someone. Mouth breathers love that dick waving.
  10. Sorry. Wrote from my phone quickly. I meant the writing and recording process.
  11. I'll pay soon. Just checking in to confirm. Not on the boards as much anymore.
  12. Curious to see what they cook up this time. Last record was pretty different and by all accounts, a rough effort. Dunno if they'll double-down on that vibe or pull a 180. Or what. Excited to find out.
  13. Me too! Granted, I auto-drafted so it is always a crapshoot. I kind of like my team though!
  14. Same. Thankfully this project is better so I quickly move on. That said, I don't looooooove this single.
  15. This is so generic I looked for the Skip Ad button for the first 20 seconds.