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  1. Well Oshie is a UFA and they can't afford him while getting Orlov and Kuznetsov signed. Oshie likely getting paid this summer on the open market
  2. It's all on them. Like everything was trying to help them. Kessel snaps his stick on an odd man rush from he spot he always scores from. Hits the post earlier on the pp. Holtby stopped what like 4 odd man rushes in the third? Couldnt finish.
  3. Yeah I just looked, no one can catch me. My east was a mess but I went 100% in the West. Thanks Nashville, and fuck the Hawks and Leafs.
  4. I'm cheering for the Ducks because of Carlyle and Bernier. Anywhere ex-Leafs go i'm pulling for them. Especially when Leafs nation obliterated Carlyle and he's literally coaching like a chess master right now against McLellan.
  5. yeah that was a nasty spill. He was playing great too
  6. all my eggs are in the Predators basket at this point. Oilers getting bounced by the Ducks would help too. My east could be disastrous if Washington sucks their own ass against pittsburgh again
  7. I've never seen a gun in real life tho
  8. dude brackets are a roll of the dice. I don't think many had the Rangers winning and now they're laughing their way to a conference final
  9. thought this was gonna be about guns
  10. damn if only the Habs had a smooth skating defenceman who could get the puck out of the zone and activate the offense. oh well.
  11. cool guy alert
  12. wheres everyone going for a bootleg?
  13. That was on a team though where Shattenkirk was a 2nd pairing defenceman. Dallas has fucking no one on the back end. Lehtonen and Niemi are so bad
  14. Yeah its a travesty that Kopitar can't get some good wingers. One of my favourites in the game