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  1. Still in love with the Strymon so unloading a Diamond Fireburst drive/fuzz pedal if any VC members are interested. Looking for $125PPD shipped to you. IMG_4390 by Kyle Krische, on Flickr
  2. I actually like how the Blues are structured. Barbashev coming up has been great, they're really missing Fabbri who has been phenomenal. Jaskin is solid depth and Parayko has made losing Shattenkirk not nearly the problem it looked like it was going to be two years ago. My only problem with the team is I've never understood the blind devotion to Jake Allen. I just don't see what the the team sees in the guy. He's been with the big team for three years now and never impressed. This will be the first year in my life there hasn't been Red Wings playoff hockey.
  3. More stuff sold
  4. Would also dish good cash for a tour variant if anyone snags one. PM me
  5. Bump
  6. Caps loading up. Would love to see Ovi hoist the cup.
  7. What the fuck is Tampa doing? Just gave away Bishop
  8. everything about them
  9. fuck the leafs
  10. Looking for The Menzingers - After the Party red/white variant that was an EU exclusive. I'm in Canada, name your price.
  11. Damn want that red but that Zia site doesn't ship to canada. Top 5 1. Midwestern States 2. Your Wild Years 3. After the Party 4. Boy Blue 5. Lookers Interesting to hear how many people love The Bars, I skip it every time. One of my least favourite Menzingers songs ever.
  12. Midwestern States is the jam of the century
  13. Holy shit I loved the Virus when I was in my teenage years. Checking this out now. The Virus and A Global Threat were my jams
  14. bump