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  1. NHL Discussion

    Ha! Thanks, much appreciated Edit: They're probably getting shut out tonight tho
  2. NHL Discussion

    This season i'm trying to raise $5 and run 1KM for every Leafs goal for the hockey charity You Can Play. If you want to follow or even donate check it out: Fundraiser: https://chimp.net/groups/run-over-the-buds Twitter: https://twitter.com/RunOverTheBuds
  3. superbad

    Greatest movie of all time
  4. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    Just paid up
  5. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    27th also good for me
  6. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    I can do Tuesday Sept. 26 at 8PM Eastern as well
  7. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    Keepers in
  8. Put him up for 1st degree, Dream Homes still kills me once a week
  9. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    Im in again and good for any dollar amount
  10. If you want to hit all the legit tourist stuff in Paris, which although many may steer you away, it still is fun and cool to see for a first timer. I actually bought this: https://www.parispass.com Total tourist thing but gets you everywhere and beat the lines. The most underrated part about it is there's a double decker bus that just drives to all the attractions on the pass all day. You can just hop on and off and get all over the city. Even if you don't want to see the eiffel tower but there's stuff near there, hop on the bus and get a free ride to where you want to be.
  11. NHL Discussion

    LOL @ Leafs paying Marleau 6.25 thru Marner, Matthews and Nylander needing new deals
  12. NHL Discussion

    Well Oshie is a UFA and they can't afford him while getting Orlov and Kuznetsov signed. Oshie likely getting paid this summer on the open market
  13. NHL Discussion

    It's all on them. Like everything was trying to help them. Kessel snaps his stick on an odd man rush from he spot he always scores from. Hits the post earlier on the pp. Holtby stopped what like 4 odd man rushes in the third? Couldnt finish.
  14. NHL Discussion

    Yeah I just looked, no one can catch me. My east was a mess but I went 100% in the West. Thanks Nashville, and fuck the Hawks and Leafs.
  15. NHL Discussion

    I'm cheering for the Ducks because of Carlyle and Bernier. Anywhere ex-Leafs go i'm pulling for them. Especially when Leafs nation obliterated Carlyle and he's literally coaching like a chess master right now against McLellan.