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  1. I listen to my records.
  2. Been checking their site daily for nearly 3 months waiting for this. MMB is one of the few bands I'll buy every LP and 7" (& 10") Though somehow I'm still missing desmond dekker (if someone doesn't want theirs...)
  3. Awesome! Cancelling my Amazon pre-order now. Already have SfS otherwise this would have been a great time to snag one too
  4. I saw the same. Wound up doing the bundle to get blue and add a new shirt to my wardrobe.
  5. Same happened to me. Customer service is sending me a new one. It was a total bummer to open the mailer and not have my Weezer.
  6. When did PledgeMusic start charging shipping? In the past it was always included in the cost. Factor in an extra $8 on top of what you choose. Can't pull the trigger yet. Probably will on a night after too much wine.
  7. Discogs all the way. The record store scene in south Florida is pretty weak. Collector's Choice, record mule, and Vinyl. are the sellers that flood my emails. I just skip over them to find the gems I want.
  8. Ben Folds - So There on white vinyl for $8.74; Looks like 6 copies left. i snagged one last week and it was the limited edition on white.
  9. Sweet. A Christmas album I can buy for my wife that doesn't suck. I'm in.
  10. Totally missed this until today and was able to still get an order in. Looking forward to listening to this!
  11. Awesome. Maybe one day we will get The Fire Theft.
  12. Got my cheap Amazon copy. Glad I jumped on that when I did. Move note though: this does NOT have a download code. Totally lame
  13. You will. Give it time. I used to be a huge SRC supporter but that's since changed and I stopped buying from them over a year ago. Back on topic: I wonder if my amazon order for "Hot Fuzz" will transform into this August pressing. UPDATE: just got this from Amazon- We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on April 14, 2016: Killers "Hot Fuss" Estimated arrival date: June 22, 2016
  14. I snagged one and will let you know when it arrives in 2 days. Less than $10 isn't too shabby.