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  1. This is correct. I used to have a MN account and any payments made to them were sent to EVR's paypal.
  2. Dude. So good. The dynamics of this album are all over the place in the best way.
  3. Should be Foxbat vinyl preorders happening soon.
  4. I can hear that. They're really hard to peg down. This is song is one of the more straight forward tunes from what i've heard from the record thus far, but they do really well at pushing/pulling the needle between melody and chaos.
  5. Louisville band, Greyhaven was just picked up Graphic Nature (EVR) and their second album preorders are currently up and fairly limited. http://greyhaven.merchnow.com/ Orange in Yellow/125 Pink/125
  6. Snagged the bundle. Hopefully the rest doesn't sell out before my next paycheck so I can snag those. This was the best surprise I could receive today.
  7. WTB Ritual- Canadian & Tour Presses

  8. WTB Ritual- Canadian & Tour Presses

    Ritual- S/T, came out on Bullet Tooth/distort last year.(Matt from Dead and Divine.) Was just sent the wrong color from a discogs order, so back to the drawing board. I'd rather not spend $25 plus $14 shipping on a new copy From Maplemusic. So I'm looking for the Pillbox Orange and the Clear band only pressing. I have an extra Blood Red right now that I'd be willing to work out a trade if you need one. Thanks!
  9. Updated to the band merch site. Cheaper to order now.
  10. You both are absolutely right, I thought I had added the link to the store but I totally didn't. Good looking out!http://littleheart.bigcartel.com/product/foxbat-eat-my-young Unfortunately youtube is currently the only place to stream the album for free; however, if you have spotify you can check it out here.
  11. Debut EP "Eat My Young" from Foxbat on Little Heart Records available July 29th. Pressing limited to 100 Black /20 Light Blue /20 Lime Green /20 Purple /20 Gold /12 Yellow Tint /8 (SOLD OUT) http://foxbat.bigcartel.com Listen here:
  12. They did a reunion in 2014? I think... I found out about it roughly a year later when I found the footage on youtube... Still bummed about it.. I would have traveled for that show.