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  1. A gold copy just showed up at my house. I'm speechless. Number 18/182
  2. Pricey but in this case I'm ok with it
  3. My 1-2-3-4 Go order got canceled meaning that I missed out on all the other opportunities I previously had for leftovers since I thought I had secured a copy. If anyone finds a copy of Balance & Composure Slowheart or has one to sell let me know.
  4. already own all of them but figured what the hell if i can actually get the box for that price. This happened before and they all ended up getting canceled but we'll see
  5. Listened to both songs yesterday and nothing really stood out to me as "I must buy this now". Maybe I'm just growing out of enjoying this sound but both songs just felt bland and generic pop-punk to me, heavy on the pop. Hopefully the full album proves me wrong.
  6. My favorite song from the entire OG+deluxe is still Hey, I'm Sorry. I also like Bottom of the Ocean and Last Train Home. 6/8 is ok I guess. I wouldn't mind if I never heard Good Old Days or Don't Mean Anything ever again.
  7. It's all over Tooth and Nail's IG and probably facebook too
  8. Slightly disappointed, realized all 4 of my pop-up sleeves had seam splits on the top :-/ I know it happens but I swear it has something to do with the sleeves they use because all my original CA sleeves had the same problem.
  9. So I posted pics of mine last night when it came in and MrTSurt posted saying the golds are being shipped out separately. So you're saying there's a chance...
  10. Looks like there was around 500 pressed of each. Still over 400 of each available. This hasn't sold anywhere near as fast as the 1st press did
  11. Got my deluxe package in today with all 4 pop-up variants. No gold record for me though :-(
  12. I checked my PayPal, address is correct. No tracking number attached. Hoping these guys are just still working their way through the shipments as I passed up other opportunities to grab these records at cost since I had it ordered already.
  13. Ya, they finally followed up with an email saying they had to refund the whole order since for some reason they can't modify them. There was just a 30 minute difference between refund and any communication so I was confused. Figured it was the hat.
  14. My whole order was just refunded. Wtf.