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  1. I grabbed Thrice and BalCo. That's all I really wanted/needed. No Coheed or Miley and i think my wallet is ok with that.
  2. Yep, I'm not getting my hopes up. I found on their facebook they said they had sold out of all Space Jam earlier today. So the fact that they seem to have an unlimited amount up online does not bode well
  3. Thanks for the heads up! Really hope this isn't too god to be true. I got Thrice, BalCo and Coheed. Decided to pass on Space Jam since I know I won't ever actually listen to it.
  4. Looking for Thrice and Balance & Composure if anyone finds them. Best of luck with everyone's RSD
  5. Have a complete BCR vinyl collection. Not anymore. Passing. Time to sell the others. Should have done it earlier.
  6. Well there went $130 in records I won't even see until July
  7. This is a great question. When i was doing my renter's insurance they told me the same thing that I'd have to get them professionally appraised as they are considered "collectibles" similar to artwork. Haven't yet figured out how to get that done. I'll have to reach out and see if Discogs would work for them along with my detailed collection spreadsheet.
  8. Wow, now I wish I hadn't been stuck at work tonight so I could have gone to the show.
  9. Preorders are up. Only one vinyl option that I see (a blue color) so no rush on ordering.
  10. That's how the last tour was. I went to IKSSE3 and seems like no one except VIP was able to get the tour press
  11. Man, I don't get all the hate on charmer. I think it's my favorite album of theirs. Songs like Frame You, Nervous Kids, and Distress Signal are solid and while the album can lull a little bit it all seems cohesive to me and like they did what they wanted to do. Needless to say, excited for the PO
  12. They just posted on the forums that they sold out of the amount allotted to one-month subs in only 5 hours.
  13. I found it. Just keep scrolling all the way to the bottom of the sign-up page and it is hidden there. Wouldn't be surprised if they remove it completely though. They definitely moved it from the main part of the page to the bottom and swapped it with a 6-month option (whereas previously the 3-month option was in the middle as "most popular").