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  1. Bumping this old thread to make up for a white whale purchase
  2. FS: Soundtracks/ITC/Other Stuff

  3. A couple more sold, bump for Friday
  4. Snagged the clear, but mostly just psyched this got a repress (and that I finally stumbled on this PO thread). Such a solid album!
  5. Looking to thin out my collection a bit so I'm purging things I don't spin as much anymore. Shoot me an offer, just looking to get rid of these not get rich. *Note: I have a limited number of mailers right now so multiple items is a plus, I'll throw some free stuff in too 7" Records A Great Big Pile of Leaves/Diamond Youth/Prawn/Field Mouse - Split [Clear, 1st Press, Topshelf Records] Beach Slang - Beach Slang [Black, 1st Press /500, Polyvinyl] Bicycle Sunday/Park Jefferson - Split [Smurf blood, 1st Press /225, Bear Minimum Records, Creekside Train Records] DM Stith - War Machine (Flexi) [Clear, 1st Press /1,000, Joyful Noise Recordings] Modest Mouse - A Life of Arctic Sounds [Clear, 2nd Press /421, Suicide Squeeze] Rainer Maria - Hell and High Water [Black, 1st Press, Polyvinyl] Senders/Wavelets - Split (Black, Not on Label) What’s Eating Gilbert Grape/Octaves - Split [Red, 1st Press /400, Bridge Nine Records] 10" Records At the Drive-In - Vaya [Pink, 2nd Press /3,000, Fearless Records] 12" Records Collections of Colonies of Bees - Six Guitars [Clear etched, 1st Press, Table of Elements] Dave House - See That No One Else Escapes [Gray Marble, 1st Press /600, Runner Up Records] Matt Pryor - May Day [Black, 1st Press, Nightshades Syndicate] Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost [Easter Yellow, 1st Press /3700, Run for Cover Records] Moving Mountains - Foreword [Black, 2nd Press, Topshelf Records] Neutral Milk Hotel - On Avery Island [Black, 2nd Press, Merge Records] Senses Fail - Let it Enfold You [Black, 2nd Press, Vagrant Records] TWIABP - Harmlessness [Clear/pink, 1st Press /1000, Epitaph/Broken World Media] You Blew It! - Abendrot [Pink, 1st Press, Triple Crown Records] SOLD Cave In - Anchor [Translucent blue, 1st Press /100, Magic Bullet Records] Old Gray - Slow Burn [Clear/Blue&Red, 1st Press /600, Dog Knights Productions/Flower Girl Records] Sorority Noise - You’re Not as _____ As You Think [Blue/White/Orange, 1st Press /500, Triple Crown Records] The Fall of Troy - Doppelgänger [Red/Black split, 2nd Press /1000, Enjoy the Ride/Equal Vision]
  6. WTB/WTT: Warm Blood - Blithe FIeld

    This is an "does this actually exist" bump