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  1. Got one, thanks!
  2. Ugh, I stopped by my local GameStop on my way to my podcast taping just to see what they got. They still had everything left. Picked up flocked Cat Dog and Hologram Leia w/ R2.
  3. Just to be clear, "re-imagined" doesn't mean EDM, right?
  4. And now I got flocked Chip and Dale for my girlfriend. My wallet hates me today.
  5. Agreed with the above statements, but I'll admit that cover art is really cool.
  6. Got Ren and Stimpy from Funko shop!!!
  7. Ordered Tinkles from TRU.
  8. Ugh.. I guess I missed out on Flocked Cat Dog. The only GameStop POP left is Mint Berry Crunch. Oh, and Hot Topic's are up.
  9. I spun mine last night and it sounds pretty decent.
  10. Any idea when the Funko Shop ones will go up tomorrow? Really want Ren & Stimpy and maybe Scott Pilgrim.
  11. Heads up- if you have any leftover free ticket vouchers from last year's Ticketmaster/Live Nation settlement, they just added more available shows.
  12. Got #390 today. They didn't pad the package at all so there are nasty seam splits on the top of the sleeve.
  13. At least they used the $11 for Priority Mail. Got shipping email yesterday and it's coming tomorrow.