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  1. So I connected with someone on Bumble this week and we met for coffee yesterday. It went really well! No awkwardness in our conversation and she seems really nice. Plus she's really cute and tall. I asked her to come with me to a record fair on Sunday and she said yes!
  2. Hmm. I kept seeing the Alien Sex Fiend release on the leaks but it's only on the U.K. list. Bummer if it's not coming here.
  3. So who else has been F5'ing the last few minutes?
  4. They must've changed it from 180g white to 180g clear. It was definitely white when I saw it this morning.
  5. EDIT- Nevermind, I could've sworn it was Wednesday. My bad!
  6. EU KRM also has 180g white with the black 7" limited to 500.
  7. Damn, that pink is pretty. And $35ppd to USA? I'm really tempted.
  8. Sorority Noise - You're Not As _____ As You Think 282SEM?A47 The ? is a number between 0 and 9.
  9. Yeah, you're right. I haven't been in an FWB situation since college and there's definitely more attachment here. I'll see if I can stay strong. Thanks.
  10. So another update. We spoke earlier today and I finally got the truth. With the divorce and everything she couldn't commit herself to any relationship. However, she still wants to basically meet people/hook up. And that's why she's seeing the ex. And she told me she wanted us to go back to being friends, possibly with benefits if I can handle it. I honestly feel a lot better than I did now that she was finally honest. I've accepted that we won't be together again but she's still my best friend and we've been through a lot over the last 8+ years. I rejoined some dating sites so I'm putting myself back out there again. What are your thoughts about the FWB thing? If anything, i do notice I am in a better mood when I'm getting some slightly regularly.
  11. Going this Friday and I cannot wait.
  12. Friend of mine had an issue with a UPS package stolen from her porch recently. They opened an "investigation" and closed it after a week because the driver refused to participate (which apparently they're allowed to do).
  13. I'm so glad to have amazing friends who care for me. They took me out to an escape room and drinks last night and that really helped me take my mind off things.
  14. Listened 3 times in my car and just spun my tricolor. This album is beautiful but it breaks my heart so much. Doesn't help that this week has been so horrible for me, though.
  15. Got my tricolor today and they sent a new download link with the missing song so I'm happy about that. Gonna listen in my car on the way to a friend's house shortly and spin my copy tomorrow.