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  1. Her mom seemed to message you about her grades, not her well being. Is she looking for you to help get her grades better? And since she is a privileged child/adult she has no drive to push her and do well. Why do good in school if everything is taken care of.
  2. I cannot get into SWM. I tried again on my commute.
  3. I haven't even seen the show. Not sure if sitcom Jim would be the same but I'd try it for sure now.
  4. Yeah. I hadn't really noticed that until now. I grew up on some early shit - saw and listened to them at early ages that luckily my older bro would rent for me. I'm thankful for that. After watching Eddie Murphy Raw when I was like 10 educated me pretty good on some new words that mom would soon smack out of me. i seem to like the more profanity/disgusting laden comics.
  5. Gaffigan always makes me giggle. Maybe it's because I'm an old dude but he's got me
  6. Both incredible and I'm late. Temporarily out of stock. Dammit.
  7. Man Gumby, just think of all the records you won't have to return and labels that won't have to unblock you to read a complaint. I'm telling you, it will change everything.
  8. Black run of 350. Sell 300 as black for $25 sell 50 as tests for $75 theres your answer gumbo.
  9. Go here: O'Reilly Auto type in: 121G into the parts search.
  10. Here's the deal. If someone says they want to break up, and changed their mind, that's enough for me to walk out the door. Unless you're up for silly games and want to be with someone who doesn't know, this will never stop. Why be with someone who doesn't want to be in it even if the next day she says have a nice day? Fuck that. This is no bid for attention. She's got you figured out and is loving every minute of it.
  11. Love this video and vibe. Takes me back. @drds89, you were there. Cemeteries - Barrow
  12. good point. no clue. perhaps sticking through with the ménage theme.
  13. I don't even know half the crap that was in it. And it was made by a man who has no ability to smell. Weird. It was effective. Therefore he cannot taste either.
  14. Most of the time, 'startup' or new post rock groups always says 'sounds like ________' and list the power houses in the genre. We know they won't. Those new to the genre might. It's like they think we don't know what post-rock means if they just say 'hey, we're a post rock group. Check us out'. The problem here lies the fact that the ones they 'sound like' are massive staples and influences that bears no similarities. GIAA definitely has their own sound. I need to find at least one familiar trademark to be able to relate and found none. So yeah, Cathedral Rings sounds like themselves.