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  1. So just a normal day of the week, eh?
  2. I've got one for ya
  3. We need Vegas to release the odds on if he gets the tape.
  4. We are going to make out with the lights off. "do you want to get a vday romp in since you work the next few days?" "meh" "we can talk about paint colors after" "im in"
  5. I think Pence knowledge will be a hot topic. Mislead or lying.
  6. One thing I've learned from a relationship is to let my friends reeeeally get a good look and feel on this person. They see a great perspective and I've known most of them for 23 years plus. Male and female, I encourage them to tell me what they see and how my body language is and if I ever 'not seem myself'. No gauge is more accurate or trusted.
  7. Derek is CPR to the dying boards.
  8. going to listen now and determine if the $43 price tag is worthy.
  9. Last year I was pushing for Colorado but a few things fell apart. My bro is up in Seattle and offered to take me on until we got settled. It all depends on if things I'm working on closing meet most of the criteria for uprooting.
  10. Congrats on the move! I wanted this place to be my forever home but this state is not for me; future neighbor. When I got the check from selling ye olde house I shat myself. "Were putting into savings". Na. We bought all new furniture and other silly shit. Not one record tho. Stupid me. I think our dog has a winter coat and a hoodie for spring.
  11. Also this. 7 years ago.
  12. Congrats! You all downloaded a virus! (TO YOUR EARS)
  13. At this point do petitions do any good? I know when they hit certain numbers then it gets a look. Hell, one anti DeVos petition got 1.4 MILLION signatures and that didn't do shit. We need to face the fact that we're stuck with everything.