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  1. well lucky for me I only need Springsteen and that Isbell Lp.
  2. I bought it and still enjoyed the tracks. But i thought it was a solid release all around. The blue variant sounds really solid to my ears.
  3. I really miss robert stack.
  4. Cars and records are inherently different anim.... i Personally give zero ahits about dings or folds or whatever. That being said people should list the issues in the description. Especially in todays over sensitive world. Seems i remember some people throwing shit fits about it more than once. But for me, As long as that shit plays, im good.
  5. Never seen the film here either. Love the soundtrack though.
  6. I went back and looke and my moneys on @Metal Mike but the actual gif didnt displayin mobile.
  7. Damn, back to back weeks of solid picks. Grabbed this one, thanks for posting.
  8. the sugar daddy splits though I think would be a good example. Do the limited splits with the other bands, then just do a 2xlp of the melvins record proper. I get what @apirk is saying, and a lot of times the music is out there in other places. but sometimes its not. I don't think any melvins records at least, would have an issue selling a few hundred regular editions. other current amrep bands im not sure about, but to each their own I guess.
  9. grabbed with a quickness, thanks for the post man.