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  1. Non picture disc versions of the two cure rsd lps are up on soundstagedirect. Lp20 takes 20% off.
  2. Same, the assured me it was gonna ship, but im not holding my breath. so does moviemars ship from overseas? Thier address in the email the sent was North Carolina, but i got a dhl global tracking number, and that seems kinda odd.
  3. Its not much, but i ordered a t shirt. Will check out some of the bands on the label soon.
  4. i thought it sounded great. Real nice pressing as well, clean and flat.
  5. Really looking forward to this one.
  6. Showed up 20 minutes after opening, grabbed everything i needed. I was pleasantly surprised to see my little store got the son house record.
  7. Hell to the no on 32 bucks plus shipping. That's bonkers. EDIT: This appears to be a uk based online shop. May explain why the price is so high, but still, too rich for my blood on these ones. Great records though.
  8. I got my copies from ssd, no polylined sleeves for August, no bnb shrink, no printed inners on RTS, non 45 rpm cut.
  9. well lucky for me I only need Springsteen and that Isbell Lp.
  10. I bought it and still enjoyed the tracks. But i thought it was a solid release all around. The blue variant sounds really solid to my ears.
  11. I really miss robert stack.