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  1. PO NOW:Tom Waits Anti- Catolog reissues

  2. Record Store Day 2018

    32.99 per for me to.
  3. Record Store Day 2018

    My store had one set, grabbed them up. Theyre very well done, thick gatefolds, which are different from each other, thick, quiet vinyl. Well worth it for any waits fan.
  4. PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    Has the 10.000 on the green actually been confirmed? I didnt think sleep was big enough to push that many vinyl copies. Plus tmr’s websote is already selling a black version as well, and theres that split color to boot. Good for them though if that many people are into them, they very well should be.
  5. PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    Lp slays all, so no matter what color you guys end up with, you can go in knowing it is a fucking ripper. Like there was ever any question anyway
  6. Record Store Day 2018

    Fwiw I just got a green copy in charleston wv.
  7. PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    Would love to have this, although color doesn't matter to me, but no way in hell id pay 50 bucks for it.
  8. So I don’t think this is been posted but it appears the two ep’s are exclusive to the box set and won’t be issued individually .
  9. Tom Waits back catalogue

    The red version of Nighthawks is still available at Bullmooose, the had a yellow Heart of Saturday Night, but I don't remember any colored copies of Closing time being anywhere to order.
  10. The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    1500 according to Bullmoose.
  11. AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

    I bet Pepperidge farm remembers.
  12. PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    Rough trade has listed the in store lp on discogs. 31.99 plus$4 for shipping.
  13. AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

    I got a mvd 45 press about two weeks ago frim amazon, was priced about the same.
  14. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Cancelled as well, said something about a bad discogs algorithm, way beyond me. Sorry for the false hopes everyone.
  15. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Heres the reaponse I got. If nothing else this dudes customer service is top notch with the quick replies. Hi Given the price and the way I have written the description I must admit I am a little concerned that there is some sort of Discogs error to be honest. My notes in Discogs (I always note the shelf things are stored on, and the original listing date in the private seller notes) show it was listed about a year ago, so I can't remember listing this one. But I think i would most likely have listed it for quite a bit more, and if not it would likely have sold very quickly. In addition my description doesn't mention anything about the condition of the box, whether all the sleeves are present, what the Ltd edition number is, whether the badges etc are present. If you look at my listings you'll see that I normally note all those sorts of details. So I am wondering if it is an individual single that was correctly listed but has somehow found its way onto the wrong page. If it has there must be a Discogs error somewhere, it would never have taken a year to sell at that price if it had been on the wrong page for a year. I'm at home now and about to go to bed (it's 2am here), but I will be at my office in the morning and check everything for you then, If I did somehow manage to list it at that price, I will honour it. Best regards