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  1. Hi. I recently got laid off and am selling these to try to make ends meet. Will cut deals in bundles. Send offers. All are in NM shape. Shipping is 4 media mail for US only. Lps and 12" Turn it up... Faggot Cryptograms w/ Flourescent Grey E.P (clear) Rainwater Cassette Exchange Microcastle/Weird Era Cont. Halcyon Digest Monomania Fading Frontier 7" Whirlyball ep. "Grayscale/madhouse" split with hubcap city on Rob's house Records "Fluorescent Grey/Oh, It's Such A Shame" collaboration E.P with Jay Retard (black/Pink split) "Nothing Ever Happened" "Vox Celeste 5" (yellow vinyl) "Revival" (White) "Memory Boy" (white RSD version) Pylon "Cover+remix" Deerhunter performing "cool" by
  2. Sold. Sorry folks. Mods can delete.
  3. Send offers. Will not accept anything under $175 for young blindness. Trying to buy a new jazzmaster, so help out!
  4. Looking to move both to raise funds for a Jazzmaster. Send offers.
  5. Looking to move both to raise funds for a Jazzmaster. Send offers.
  6. Will trade but also open to offers. Reasonable ones will be entertained. All are NM. Sun Kill Moon - Admiral Fell promises (black reissue) Ty Segall - Gemini Bon Iver - 22, a million (black with bonus 12") Dinosaur Jr - Give them a glimpse of what yer not (clear newbury version) LF Sleep - Dopesmoker (Tee Pee press only) Om - Anything except Pilgramage and live in Jeruselm Boris - Dronevil
  7. Send offers. Not in a haggling mood so don't lowball. You'll know it's a lowball if I don't respond within 12 hrs. Beck - one foot in the grave modest mouse/764 hero - whenever you see fit the national - sad songs for dirty lovers red hot chili peppers- mothers milk (org) Sigur ros - ( ) clear sigur ros - valtari sigur ros - Von sigur ros - med sud I eyrum vid songs ohia - didn't it rain (deluxe) thee oh sees - zorks tape bruise TVOTR- dear science (autographed) ty segall - Ty Rex (green) the walkmen - you and me the Walkmen - black thrnwalkmen - white
  8. Just keep reloading your cart when it says "Sold Out" in paypal. It will eventually work.