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  1. It's time but nothing there yet, I guess it will come up soon.
  2. I couldn't pull the trigger on a $100 record I got the cheapskate edition though
  3. True, today they had the "cheapskate" none art edition for only $50 a pop
  4. I think you're referring to the CDs, what went up a couple of hours ago were the non-art edition of what I've mentioned.
  5. The Third Man Records Thread

    $100 for a misprint, if that's not greed I don't know what is.
  6. https://www.shoxop.com/collections/brand-spanking-new Hammerhead's Into the Vortex and Cow's Effete & Impudent Snobs are up All gone.
  7. New Papa better be good!
  8. Limited copies of FUNERAL on 2xLP now available for PRE-ORDER! Grab one before they are gone. https://ghostbath.bandcamp.com/album/funeral Black and Pale Splatter is Limited to only 200 copies. Translucent Forest Green is Limited to only 300 copies. 2 x LP of Ghost Bath's first full-length album; Funeral. Gate-fold, full color jacket. Pressed in the US. 50 bundles available at a discount price if you want both variants.