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  1. So uhhh, does Hot Topic usually ship records in hilariously oversized boxes?
  2. They've finally broken the silence
  3. At this point I'd be shocked if it isn't
  4. Welp. This is pretty fucking disheartening.
  5. Oh, and they've been removed from two festivals already. I've seen a handful of stores refusing to sell the album as well. They're probably done for. I thought their "apology" on Facebook was really poorly executed.
  6. T-Rextasy as well, and two of their touring members quit.
  7. Anyway, I am deeply saddened by this news. PWR BTTM was quickly becoming one of my favorite bands and like I mentioned before in this thread the new album was actually really good. Unfortunately I have absolutely no desire to listen to it now. Also don't know what I'm going to do with my tickets to their upcoming show, if it's not cancelled in the first place.
  8. Well I really don't want to get into a discussion of semantics here but regardless of how you interpret the words there are concrete and definitive legal differences between sexual assault and rape.
  9. There have been no accusations of rape, let's not spread misinformation here. At any rate, I successfully received a refund from Polyvinyl if anyone is considering doing the same.
  10. Update: Contacted them via email about the missing copy and either they missed the message (benefit of the doubt) or decided to ignore it. I guess I have to call them.