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  1. Hah. True. I have always hated both of them. This one made me realize which one I hate more.
  2. Any thoughts on the Busch Logano tiff? I think Kyle came out of it looking like an idiot.
  3. I like the new track
  4. I realize it's not a great setup by any stretch but my SO and I just moved to a new apartment and I'm really happy to have it all set up again. Please ignore the fact that our collection is around 500 records and we still have an AT-LP60. We will be upgrading soon.
  5. I particularly like Dave Moody's response to the outrage over the Monster girls: It's not that different from what we've seen in the past or out of other sports (NFL particularly comes to mind). At any rate, I don't think it's fair to say that the stages were the sole reason this past weekend was a wreck fest, or at least the Daytona 500. A lot of the carnage that occurred in the 500 was after the first two stages had been completed anyway. I think the reason we saw so many wrecks in the Xfinity race was because of rookies and also the ridiculous spoiler on those cars, they looked very unstable all day.
  6. If you have any interest in selling the Tim Kasher one let me know
  7. Yeah, I love the thank you note! Very cool of Tim to do that - carrying on the Saddle Creek tradition of sending a handwritten "thank you" I think the drawing will be sometime after March 3rd since that's when PO's technically end.
  8. Saw a couple of these popping up on instagram today, anybody here get theirs?
  9. I'm going to wait on this because I don't really care which variant I get (not really a huge fan of any of them tbh). Do like the new songs though.
  10. Bought sucker from eBay Lowest price I'm seeing for Vroom Vroom is 180 (~yikes~) Bump
  11. Also, the album trailer:
  12. Hey I think everyone should cancel their PO's on this
  13. Looking for a signed copy of the Vroom Vroom EP.