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  1. Topshelf Records 5 LPs for $25

    If I didn’t have approximately the entire topshelf catalog I’d be all over this. Jump on this people!
  2. I don’t order many records anymore and I really don’t like this poppy bullshit but I ordered a clear just so I could be in this exclusive club.
  3. Are you asking because you want to post the link or because you need a link? Anyways... no you are not allowed to post links to download music for free on a message board hosted by a music store. If only there were a Kingdom for Leaks such as this?
  4. 10+ minute songs and indecipherable shrieking always reminds me of the other mainstream music I hear on the radio. These guys are gonna blow up! Watch out metalheads, you’ll be rubbing elbows with teenage girls in no time!
  5. I’m not saying it’s not a confusing situation and it certainly could happen to anyone but the girl was asleep and he started having sex with her and she says she was raped. Consenting to sex once, twice, one hundred times is not the same thing as consenting every time. I don’t think Cam thought he wasn’t doing anything wrong but that doesn’t make it right. Now this friend of Nicole does say that she did not want this brought into the public eye so in that sense of things she certainly did fuck up.
  6. But someone has come forward and said this thing did happen to them...
  7. Atlanta (TV Show)

    I watched before bed and figured I was for sure going to have nightmares. Wild.
  8. My buddy got 562 in gold ink, not sure if he kept his bullmoose order or switched over to the gj store when those went up. I don’t care enough to ask him. Edited for terrible gaterprideson level typos.
  9. PO now: the get up kids “kicker” ep

    Sounds like TGUK to me, I dig it. Euro variants: http://www.bsmrocks.com/products/615869-the-get-up-kids-kicker-12-ep-preorder?utm_source=sendinblue&utm_campaign=TGUKOrchards_Signings&utm_medium=email
  10. Heyyy yoooooooooo!

    Derek Sucks Ass.
  11. I don’t think you won’t be able to follow the whole Bullet Club meltdown angle if you aren’t watching every possible matchup between them. I don’t have time for that shit either and I still understand that Cody is trying to run BC, the Young Bucks are torn and the Tongans don’t give a fuck. But yea... that Ospreay Marty match was wild. The one man Spanish fly off the apron was absolute madness. ZedSJ Okada was dope too even though everyone knew how that was going to end and what angle would be set up for Okada’s next match. I’m thrilled about the Naito MiSu angle too, watching Naito not give a fuck and Suzuki getting enraged is infinitely hilarious to me.
  12. PO: Petal - Magic Gone

  13. Online Record Selling

    No dads? Pass.
  14. Those “Road to” shows are essentially house shows. They are typically non essential. Glancing at the schedule now I’d say the only things you need to be concerned with for the next few months are Sakura Genesis, both nights of Wrestling Dontaku and Best Of The Super Juniors. Best of Super Juniors is a tourney that will have 1-2 matches of the tourney headlining each date, so you can just watch those match ups to stay current with the tourney (sometimes they only have the tourney matches available anyways). After that is the big mid year show, Dominion, which is usually pretty significant.