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  1. This will be awesome. Really awesome.
  2. Just don't order the "super ultra limited hand signed" edition any everything will be ok in the end!
  3. http://www.bullmoose.com/p/24930799/at-the-drive-in-inter-alia-deep-purple-w-grimace-splatter-vinyl-indie-exclusive
  4. It's a bigger hastle to refund people than to just hold your orders until 4/29. That's probably what they will do.
  5. Over/under the ordered amount is pretty normal. Labels that have done this before know better than to pre-sell the exact amount you ordered from the plant so you don't necessarily hear about it often.
  6. Guessing they are self releasing via their own new label, Black Cement. Am I right?
  7. https://realsportsboys.bandcamp.com/
  8. Roswell Kid fucking rule! Still waiting on their first album to get pressed some day.
  9. But other people have their's already!!!! It's not fair! There's no way to hear these songs without the record!
  10. HT exclusive so it could easily go either way.
  11. Where the fuck is Who Cares?
  12. http://standardbrickhouse.com/product/sioux-falls-rot-forever/ getchu one
  13. The Goodness thread really seemed to die after the album came out. Not sure if most people here disliked it, or it just didn't live up to Home. I really like it still. Rot Forever is amazing, also. I championed that thread for a while and was glad to see some people here get into it. Probably going to put on some headphones and listen to it again right now. Thanks to everyone who brought it up in this thread for reminding me! edit: speaking of Sioux Falls, don't forget the name change to Strange Ranger. Here's a few new songs from last month: http://www.stereogum.com/1926128/strange-ranger-nobody-knows-if-one-mississippilight-in-through-the-window/premiere/ This new SN album is way more memorable than anything else they've done, IMO. Granted that's after 2 listens. I don't really care enough to comment on Joyce Manor or Modern Baseball even though I own all of their records.