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  1. Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere. I just tweeted the band, will reply back if they reply. The split color is pretty hands down the best variant IMO. Fighting the urge to order a second copy.
  2. Pretty similar in height and weight and I agree. When a L fits right it's perfect but depending on the brand they are often just a tad too short everywhere and my beer gut could use a little more room. Almost all XLs are too big all around.
  3. Looks like they lowered this down to 2 lathes.
  4. Still some euro stores you can find via google so not everywhere just yet.
  5. I apologize for my previous stupid topic... here have another.
  6. I celebrate the entire Thursday catalog AND saw them on the recent tour. Was my first time seeing them since Krazy Fest.... I wanna say '02. Loved it! C&C, yea... about the first 3 albums are still pretty rad to me. I've tried to get into more recent stuff and it just doesn't work.
  7. I believe they advertised some final pressings and just sold through them all. Could be wrong though.
  8. The merchnow stock thing is definitely not true. But, you're right that they usually state if it's a preorder on the product page/in your cart. So if no date is listed then it is likely already on hand.
  9. Did you cave on the domino shipping or find somewhere cheaper for a red copy?
  10. Polyvinyl posted a little preview of the packaging for this on their instagram story, looks very nice. Excited to hear the songs and check out the packaging soon!
  11. Buy 3 Lil Elephant session lathes on Monday and get a bonus RK 5"! I started finally listening to some of these I have the other day and decided I was ok with ordering a few more. Glad I didn't place that order yet. https://m.facebook.com/LittleElephantLive/photos/a.295050523851744.70192.115528228470642/1383696811653771/?type=3&theater
  12. If you post it and then in 9 months ask the label to repress it and they say "ok but same variant" then people will whine. I'd just keep it to yourself.
  13. For sure. I glanced around on there for the first time in a while the other day and the only acceptably priced record I saw was the most recent TBS album. I don't think they realized it's a double LP since it's priced the same as most of the other $22+ single LP releases.