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  1. That was my guess given that they actually credit the photographer on the product page.
  2. Yea, it's working for me again now. Just a moment ago it told me an item in my cart sold out, then the product page showed sold out and let me sign up for a notification if it became available. I promise I know how to internet.
  3. Looks to be sold out. I just had one in my cart and was having a real internal struggle on whether or not I needed to spend another $50 on this album and it sold out by the time I decided to do it. I read on another forum that it was limited to 400 but I don't know where they got that info.
  4. I don't know shit about those sites but my guess would be that it's too long.
  5. That shit spread over to r/brandnew and I was cracking up. People talking about "limited", "very limited" "very very limited deluxe". Really glad the CD finally got ripped so I don't have to wade through any of that shit anymore.
  6. I got the PMT tweet notification as soon as it was posted and I started the process, had to wrestle with the site a bit so approximately 5 minutes within it launching.
  7. http://www.runforcoverrecords.com/
  8. I've got a package inbound from the same location, not supposed to show up until Saturday.
  9. Tug might need another time out, he's posting way too much lately. Also, it would be really funny if the new Used album preorders launch and it doesn't even get a thread.
  10. I thought maybe since this was Matador there would be 1-2 variants but clearly the 6131 guy filled them in on the fact that every other JB fan is a variant collector!
  11. I had a think... my thought is since they (FYE... and I think someone mentioned UO) charge more (hard to believe they are MORE expensive than HT) perhaps they are paying the labels more for these exclusive pressings? HT probably finally realized that if it's not Blink 182, FOB or PATD their exclusives are sitting around collecting dust so they could be letting these other exclusives go. Notice they actually have been putting vinyl on sale with the rest of the merch lately, trying to move some units. Just my thoughts. New Trav can smite me if I'm just talking out of my ass.
  12. Time to buy two copies!