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  1. Shit, I’m looking for regular original black. Hit me with the link when they turn up.
  2. <ronburgundyidontbelieveyou.gif>
  3. Sounds like you aren’t living the tranquilo lifestyle, my friend. Los Ingobernables 4L.
  4. What are you trying to say? The used aren’t the greatest band of all time? Uh huh, ok D.... sure.
  5. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    The Star Wars set made it to the front page of Slick Deals. In for a cancel.
  6. PO Now: The Used - The Canyon 10/27

    That was way too long ago. Need daily updates.
  7. PO Now: The Used - The Canyon 10/27

    Ok, but how many copies are available at each retailer? Tug, where have you been I need updates!
  8. http://gjpleasures.emonite.com/ Thanksgiving night listening party for any LA people into that sort of thing.
  9. Reworked All Good Junkies Go To Heaven.
  10. Silly Ross got a flexi set, WHY?!?
  11. This hasn’t even come close to reaching true glassjaw levels of ridiculousness. Tip of the iceberg my friend.
  12. Glassjaw.info peeps are freaking out. Cant. Fucking. Wait.
  13. I’ve waited this long, there’s no way I’m letting my first exposure be a guy recording some flexis.