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  1. Well I love it, which is why I made it that way! It reminds me of a fucked up ugly fence or tool shed or something that’s been outside too long. I still appreciate everyone’s opinion though, even if you aren’t into it! I’m going to keep using it as my secondary table. Going to probably end up throwing a different cartridge on there though (still not a fan of the ortofon), I’m using my AT440mla for now. Thanks everyone for playing along. This thing sat next to my kitchen table for 6 months and then took me 2 days to finish
  2. For Sale. Donkey Kong Country LP.

    I sold mine on eBay, I highly recommended it
  3. The official Horror fan topic

    Did anyone go out and see Victor Crowley (Hatchet 4)? Need that in my life
  4. So I decided to do a very simple veneer job, it's come out very nice so far. I've put this project off for long enough and I don't want to make it any more complicated than it needs to be or do something that's completely out of my wheelhouse or skill set while still learning something new (I've never worked with veneer before) I was thinking of staining the table a very basic espresso or walnut color that would look nice, but then the more I thought about it I thought why make this look like a table that could have come out of the factory since there's a billion walnut turntables out there, including my main table I use now, so I'm going to stain it a cool mix of blue and green and give it some type of fade effect between the two colors and just have it be a truly unique looking table. Should be finishing it up the next couple days (veneer is set 100%, sanding is done and edges are good) and once it's all done I'll post a lot of pictures of the process and finished product. It's not the most elaborate or complex job; I'm not cutting a new plinth out of wood or 3D printing a new base out of acrylic... but it's a fun project and a million times better looking than the fucking Beatles table, man.
  5. Not a purchase, but one of my neighbors was cleaning out his garage a few weeks ago and was going to recycle this poor guy. He said he didn't even know if it turned on anymore or not and had been sitting for the last few years. It powered on fine, the pots and contacts needed some cleaning (had an issue with one channel on the aux input and crackly volume knob), but even with my limited knowledge of maintaining electronics, I got it up and running 100% now outside of the balance knob being physically broken off and missing From my understanding I think the 2238 is a "nothing special" type of marantz from its era, but it sounds fantastic and is powering my def tech towers beautifully. Even with the volume dialed at 8:30, the speakers are comfortably loud
  6. Black Dahlia Murder - Miasma

    Grabbed a clear from napalm since splatter was sold out, was just looking for any reasonably priced option that isn’t white.
  7. Yeah I love NOES, but $250, Jesus. I was thinking a 4xLP like Last of Us for $70x2, so maybe $150. Me thinks this will be a hard pass. I hope that eventually the OST to the original film becomes available on its own.
  8. I love everybody's strong opinions, just ordered an LP and a shirt. GG
  9. Is dead format.........dead?

    This statement wins the thread
  10. Is dead format.........dead?

    Discogs is essentially the Amazon of record collecting at this point. Attempting to maintain and use any other type of online collection database is redundant and unnecessary
  11. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    This is not an original soundtrack recording. Bit Brigade is a rock band that plays video game soundtracks.. Their live shows usually consist of them playing through a game soundtrack in sync with a dude who sits on stage and speedruns through the actual game which is projected behind them. It's fucking awesome! The quality of their releases are usually spot on, I own both the Zelda and Mega Man LPs. The Zelda album was remastered from the original digital release and sounds amazing.
  12. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Not sure if it was posted, but Bit Brigade pressed their Legend of Zelda album on vinyl http://www.hellosirrecords.com/contraband.html Got mine in the mail a few days ago and it sounds fantastic. It sounds like they re-recorded it for this release as well. Recommended.
  13. Shit will probably sell for quadruple digits on the 'bay when it surfaces