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  1. Ordered. I missed the 2nd one (To All The Broads..) but have the others. Hope for a repress on that one. These records are too great to pass up.
  2. Yeah they said the 2x LP will be available for a long while longer. I did the same tonight and ordered the box. Definitely going to regret not picking it up if it's going for 2x-3x as much in a year, which is a distinct possibility.
  3. Sold my B&W CM10s in order to pay off the last of my credit cards a few weeks ago. Picked up a cheap open box pair of DefTech BP-9020 towers just to have something to listen to -- but I'm surprised at how much I really like these speakers after breaking them in. Obvious difference is a substantial trade off of high end for low end on these new speakers, but they honestly sound very nice for music and great for movies/tv. For my plebeian ears, I find them to be quite enjoyable.
  4. So you committed to purchasing an album with your own stipulation that you needed to see it or have contact with the seller before actually making payment (nothing in the Discogs T&C that would claim you are entitled to) and then are upset that he left you appropriate feedback for not paying? I'm mostly playing devil's advocate here, and not condoning the seller's behavior in any way, but I think you have to take some accountability for yourself as well. I wouldn't really consider that account to be worthy of the title "terrible seller"
  5. Since the first LP is on sale for 14.99, I might grab Homey with it from Sumerian since it would basically work out to $25ppd per LP... not great but better than $35 or $40
  6. Holy shit $15 shipping from merchnow. I really want this, but what a fucking bummer.
  7. It's still disassembled sitting on my work bench next to my kitchen table. Work and life priorities took over and it's on the back burner. It'll still happen though... in due time.
  8. Well, at this point it probably isn't. Source: this message board
  9. So judging by The Thing release, we can expect another $75 price tag for the jacket? Was the soundtrack to the babadook that good? I liked the movie but the music didn't seem especially memorable
  10. Not that I care one way or another, but that's exactly what they did. People will get their records regardless, but the CDs are away for them to pay the loan off quicker.
  11. I didn't think there was a turntable design I could have desired any less than this Beatles one, and then you said yellow. Ew.
  12. From an engineering standpoint, I would assume it would be ideal to have the plinth be as dense as possible. For that reason, wouldn't MDF beat out a slab of wood in terms of sound reproduction? Honestly don't care about "ruining" the Beatles plinth or the potential to flip it down the road
  13. Day two was tackling the tonearm. The issue I ran into is it would appear that the wires running out of the bottom are soldered after the tonearm is installed on the plinth, which means there is no way to pull them back through without unsoldering them. Exhibit A Without unsoldering them, you would have to pull that entire box through the plinth due to the RCA connectors not being able to pull out of the box itself due to size. Also, the screws that affix the tonearm to the plinth are the two on either side of the tonearm in this picture, and they were kind of a pain. This is where you need the precision plyers to get them unscrewed (or a really tiny socket wrench, which I don't own) So, it was time to get soldering! It's only necessary to solder 4 out of the six wires because the negative leads are soldering to small rings which will fit through the plinth. Tonearm is off! So this is where I am at right now. Everything has been removed and it is safe to start sanding the finish off. Tomorrow I am meeting up with a buddy who actually has a woodshop who is going to be my consultant on the sanding / re-finishing portion of this project. I will keep updating this thread as it goes along for the couple of people who are potentially interested in it.
  14. Day one was generally disassmeby, which went pretty smooth. All phillips head screws for the most part, and two electric connecters that link the power supply to the "speed box" which in turn connects to the motor. Also needed a set of alan wrenches and a pair of precision needle nose plyers as well. Everything came out very smooth and seems to be pretty straightforward to put back together as well. Here is one of the connectors going into the board that the power supply plugs into. Same type of connector is used coming out of the motor The speedbox that controls power and switching between 33 and 45 rpm (indicated by the blue LED lights) Here everything is off except the tonearm, which understandably proved to be a bit more challenging than anticipated (but still not too bad)