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  1. For those around LA/SFV looking for this, freakbeat got about 45 copies of the blue for $32.99. There were like 3 other dudes there to buy it at store open
  2. Local shop apparently got a bunch of blue and are selling them for 32.99, plus they're giving away a litho with purchase. Initially wasn't going to get this because I already own the parlophone release and I've probably spun it twice in the last 5 years, but I have the day off tomorrow so why not. I'll probably cruise in the morning and try to score one.
  3. Yeah I had to cop one of the vault boy versions. Definitely my variant of choice for this release
  4. Fallout 3 Repress is up http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/jort/ this is perfect for me because originally I didn't want the shitiness of a picture disc or the elaborate box set and it's high price point.
  5. yeah, jumping from $60 bookshelf speakers to $200 bookshelf speakers (new) is not going to help you "hear things a lot better"IMHO Save more or try to hunt down a good deal on some used speakers
  6. The Califone has a 1/4" jack that would need to go through some converters and adapters to most likely make it work with the Bose speaker you are referring to. If they enjoy listening to records at all, they should look into a new record player instead of spending more money on getting the Califone serviced as it probably has pretty terrible sound quality and is more importantly damaging their records. See the beginners guide thread
  7. URC MX-890 Finally was able to program a turntable activity/icon into a universal remote control
  8. Well since you are happy with the way other sources sound I wouldn't rush out and buy new speakers just yet... The cartridge is going to be your cheaper fix to the problem, I have no personal experience with that turntable but from what I read online it is somewhat decent, probably worth keeping and throwing a nicer cart on there for the price you paid, if anything as a backup table for the future if you do end up upgrading. The 2M Red is a good step up over the OM10e or the Shure M97xe is also a decent suggestion for a similar price point. I'm personally not a big fan of the brightness of the 2M Red and prefer the Shure over it. The AT-440mlb is my personal choice for a bit more budget. My main suggestion if you decide to replace the cart is make sure you align it properly (or have it professionally installed) because it can easily take a $100 cartridge and make it sound like a $10 one if not properly installed. For turntable suggestions if you want to replace yours all together, you are going to want to visit this thread here:
  9. I disagree. The turntable (and cartridge) is the obvious bottleneck of your system. Your amp and speakers are actually decent and the cartridge on your table is considered entry level at best. When you listen to a different source, such as a CD player or an iPod on the same amp and speakers I would wager to say that the quality would be much better than when you listen to your turntable. If you are unhappy with the way other sources sound out of the same speakers as well, I would recommend not to take advice from people on the internet and find a local hifi shop where you can demo some speakers and hear which ones you like for yourself.
  10. Sorry to report but a sub-$100 all-in-one turntable is always going to sound bad, no matter what Advice? 1. Thank whoever gave it to you for the thought 2. Throw it in the trash 3. Seek out something better
  11. Saw them post on instagram an opaque pink variant of this album, anyone have any info on that? Would love that over the others that have been available since pre order
  12. Welcome to the world of collecting figures / statues. Has little to do with Mondo and more to do with the industry. Delays are more expected and accepted than in the world of record collecting. I can tell you a little over a year from preorder to delivery is certainly not absurd. A record gets delayed a couple of months and this board goes up in arms and everyone grabs their pitchforks; meanwhile even the most reputable high end figure producers get delayed months and months on end on a regular basis and it's pretty much accepted as commonplace.
  13. Ordered. I missed the 2nd one (To All The Broads..) but have the others. Hope for a repress on that one. These records are too great to pass up.
  14. Yeah they said the 2x LP will be available for a long while longer. I did the same tonight and ordered the box. Definitely going to regret not picking it up if it's going for 2x-3x as much in a year, which is a distinct possibility.
  15. Sold my B&W CM10s in order to pay off the last of my credit cards a few weeks ago. Picked up a cheap open box pair of DefTech BP-9020 towers just to have something to listen to -- but I'm surprised at how much I really like these speakers after breaking them in. Obvious difference is a substantial trade off of high end for low end on these new speakers, but they honestly sound very nice for music and great for movies/tv. For my plebeian ears, I find them to be quite enjoyable.