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  1. hey guys -- i know this is bad timing but it's probably high time for me to step away from this team. i completely forgot about it and don't think i'll have adequate time to devote to it this year. especially in light of the buy-in -- not that i'm reluctant to do so, because i'm all for it, but in light of it, it's all the more reason to step away from if i can't be fully invested. sorry everyone! hope you're able to fill my spot.
  2. starting to regret breaking up my TDS collection, so looking specifically for these presses. will pay good money for these: reach for the sun, 1st press, white /500 war paint, 1st press, coke bottle clear /300 golden record, 1st press, gold /300
  3. thanks all for the help, and apologies for not using the search function
  4. i've given a fair amount of feedback for sales/purchases/trades over the years. i'm trying to leave feedback for a buyer now, and every time i copy-paste the link into the "topic" box, it says i need to fill in that box. except it is filled in. just google chrome doesn't think so. and neither does IE or firefox. what's going on? anyone run into this problem lately and/or have any advice?
  5. price drop bump
  6. FREE SHIPPING $8 | allister - last stop suburbia (red) $20 | florence and the machine - what kind of man 12" (RSD baby blue /3,000) $12 | frozen 7" (RSD pic disc /5,000) $12 | hello kitty 12" (RSD pic disc /1,000) $20 | justin bieber - purpose (RSD pic disc /7,000) $22 | saosin - saosin (1st press, white /250) $15 | saosin - along the shadow (1st press, clear) willing to entertain offers, especially on combined orders.
  7. i never received the misprint in the first place, so all i received was the repressed pink vinyl, no jacket. did this happen for anyone else? i emailed KRM and got an infuriatingly unhelpful response. very frustrated.
  8. i'm in hawaii and can't make it to any of the tour dates. i'd love to get a hold of the 3/4-sleeve shirt (SIZE LARGE) pictured in the bottom left: i'll pay cost + shipping + an extra $5 for your hassles. please help this brotha out!!!
  9. i think where to hide is one of the best songs i've heard all year. the cascading harmonies in the bridge, or outro, or whatever you want to call it -- they're incredible. if anyone has hookups on merch, as the response directly before me mentioned, i'd basically die for finally owning a large athletics shirt. so if anyone can help this brother out, please let me know!!!
  10. also i woke up this morning and only saw $7 for the EP (despite the talk of pay-what-you-want) and paid up. if i ever had the privilege of seeing them live i'd happily give them a $5 tip. which is basically what it is after paying $2 for the songs. i know it's a matter of principle but if anyone deserves to be overpaid for two songs, it's these guys
  11. can these guys please score a film? like holy shit.