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  1. some download cards i've left in sleeves over the years. figured maybe someone might enjoy actually using them and checking out some new music (although these bands aren't remotely obscure, so maybe it'll be more like a "i'll begrudgingly finally check these guys out after hearing about them for years" kind of thing) or maybe your hard drive got wiped out. granted with youtube and spotify maybe no one gives a shit. anyway let me know in the comments if you use one of them so i can strike it out RELEASE | URL | CODE the dangerous summer if you could only keep me alive (12") | atozmedia.com/soundcard | 99SE34ML3Z reach for the sun (LP) | atozmedia.com/soundcard | 4ALA68HEEU a day to remember for those who have heart (LP) | victoryrecords.com/dl | VR3376B862D6A4A homesick (LP) | victoryrecords.com/dl | VR4483FBECED7F1 the dear hunter act IV: rebirth in reprise (LP) | dropcards.com/vinyl | 5TYHYSTHR9 the fall of troy phantom on the horizon (12") | dropcards.com/vinyl | M2CX43Z926 neck deep december (7") | atozmedia.com/soundcard | 7623DRB82D she & him a she & him christmas (LP) | mergerecords.com/digital | serial no: NMRD991E, barcode no: 673855042411 the story so far under soil and dirt (LP) | dropcards.com/vinyl | DRXRVX2S6T taking back sunday tell all your friends (LP) | victoryrecords.com/dl | VR17683BF3F641D where you want to be (LP) | victoryrecords.com/dl | VR228BCAB099818 the wonder years under the influence #13 (7") | suburbanhomerecords.com/download | utithirtm4NU3Y6QV manton street (7") | bandcamp.com.yum | z2d7-gycr the greatest generation (LP) | atozmedia.com/soundcard | R87M8865 burst & decay (12") | atozmedia.com/soundcard | H54U56D7ZC unknown (but probably pop punk, at this point) atozmedia.com/soundcard | F6H75RRD
  2. intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    fyi i had grabbed ace enders in case anyone wants it. sell for cost (+ shipping, unless i can get word to dan to send directly to you and you can save a few bucks). also might have owel if the guy who wants it can't make it happen. so just PM me if interested
  3. yeah -- between L&M and his "solo" stuff, only three or so (of the 10ish albums) really speak to me, otherwise they're whatevs. but given how prolifically he churns them out, i forgive him
  4. bumping this because it deserves it. this is definitely more contemplative post-rock (as opposed to whimsical, upbeat, soaring), which is my jam. lights & motion (and his brainchild, christoffer franzen) is all over the place with his releases, so at least some of his tunes will strike a chord with any post-rock/cinematic rock/ambient fan. this is also originally a deep elm release, so if you've trusted them to deliver you athletics, latterman, or the appleseed cast, trust them with this
  5. WTB Say Anything Self-Titled Box Set

    woah, sorry y'all. didn't even know a box set for the self-titled came out. obviously didn't read the title closely enough
  6. half off remaining box sets until TBD green /300: http://sayanything.merchnow.com/products/v2/213275/is-a-real-boy-10-year-anniversary-greenwhite-marble--boxset yellow /400: http://sayanything.merchnow.com/products/v2/213276/is-a-real-boy-10-year-anniversary-yellowwhite-splatter
  7. WTB Say Anything Self-Titled Box Set

    for the sake of being thorough, are you looking for a used copy specifically to get it cheaper, or because you can't find it? because it's still up at merchnow, and it's on sale http://sayanything.merchnow.com/products/v2/213275/is-a-real-boy-10-year-anniversary-greenwhite-marble--boxset http://sayanything.merchnow.com/products/v2/213276/is-a-real-boy-10-year-anniversary-yellowwhite-splatter
  8. intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    also grabbed copies of owel and ace enders that i'm happy to keep but would be equally happy selling to a bigger fan at cost
  9. intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    so uh... do you still want me to try and for that matter does anyone want me to try for anything else for them? i work for home so i've been in prime refresh position each morning
  10. intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    i've been at my computer each morning so i'll give it a try the next few days for you. looks like ace enders today. sure people want in on that as well.
  11. oh man i guess i just never learned to navigate discogs properly. thanks for illuminating!
  12. in light of dead format going under, was it truly unique in its tracking of pressing information (namely, number of units, colors, etc.)? are there any adequate replacements, or is this the "no shit idiot that's why we're arguing discogs vs google docs" moment? i always kept my info in excel prior to ever finding DF, and for what it's worth (nothing), i hate discogs' interface
  13. intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    man, it's a huge tease letting you get all the way to the "complete order" button before it tells you it's out of stock
  14. yo, my link didn't take me to anything like that, so that's probably why i sound like i'm out of my mind. thanks for the clarity!