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  1. intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    anyone still looking for ace enders? will gladly sell at cost. picked one up for someone on here, but radio silence afterward
  2. Athletics - BFRSD

    got my shipping notification for WYAINE
  3. gauging interest on a few items: circa survive - the inuit sessions CD /3,000 signed poster from preorder also available (more esao andrews artwork) circa survive - avalon CD, remixed by colin frangicetto, signed by anthony and colin /1,000 high and driving poster (from, like, 2002?) /50 going to my childhood home for the last time before my dad moves. planning to either store or sell a lot of shit because i can't afford to bring it all back with me. it'd be good to know if someone's interested before i got there so i could pack and ship shit as soon as i get there next week. i can take pics when i get there.
  4. Story of the year - page avenue?

    what's a "white" version? clear with white splatter? because that's what i got. i should've heeded the warnings. this is by far the worst-goddamn-sounding vinyl i own. almost certain i could copy the cd to cassette, copy the cassette to an 8-track, and cut a lathe from the 8-track and it'd still sound better
  5. not desperate for any of these (except the sister cities promo) -- just putting out a feeler: sister cities promo 7" dismantling summer 7" ghost /300 won't go more than $13 ppd on this won't be pathetic forever 7" record release /30 distances 7" special edition set /108 test presses (but, if i'm being picky, nothing from the 3rd or 4th or whatever damn presses came out of no sleep near the end)
  6. intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    anyone still looking for ace enders? would sell at cost. picked one up for someone on here, but radio silence afterward
  7. The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    wonder if these pop-up shops will coincide with the cities from the scavenger hunt. think these first ones do?
  8. intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    also thought this was weird. ITC/dan is one of the few/only labels i look forward to seeing who it (re)presses because i learn of gems i hadn't heard. this doesn't fit the "roster" at all.
  9. back to dispute "fire" being the weakest track. definitely in the upper half. ghosts, wild again, valium easy bottom 3. anyway... FOR SALE: for some reason hopeless sent me two cassettes. i don't recall paying for two but i could have, idk. does anyone want it for $8 ppd? it's normally $8 before shipping, so figure this is a good compromise. let me know, thanks!
  10. intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    shipped mine separately so i doubt i'm getting a shipping refund ha
  11. The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    i interpreted it as you didn't like them as people... THAT's what i was curious about. as opposed to you didn't like them enough to buy a book about them, which is what it sounds like you actually meant. so, nvm! it was expensive as shit so no judgment obviously
  12. The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    yeah, to confirm, LPOE just redirects to the normal TWY site. i am cautiously optimistic about this song... i have no doubt this album will blow me away, but this as a lead single, while good, doesn't rival cardinals or screen door, at least in terms of emotional weight, which is where they always get me why?