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  1. this is also my concern. good, good song, though. it's better than the bittersweet tunes except for '67 cherry red, which might be a top-3 aaron west track for me. but otherwise that EP fell flat quickly for me after track one
  2. $4.99, limited to 1,000. shirt bundle available https://www.coldcutsmerch.com/collections/loneliest-place-on-earth?utm_campaign=Aaron West Flexi&utm_medium=email&utm_source=rare.io edit: soupy's instagram says 450 online now, the remainder (550, for the mathematically disinclined) on sale on tour next month
  3. Lydia - Illuminate

    ok homies, help me out. i can't find a thread on this anywhere, although VC's search function sucks (it didn't turn up the word "illuminate" anywhere in the forums, soooo...) what's the deal with this press of 'this december'? http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/559578-lydia-this-december-its-one-more-and-im-free why didn't i hear about it? is it legit? sketchy? am i bringing this to light for the first time? again, couldn't find a thread for it because the search function is horse shit... any info on this would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  4. woah. yeah. for some reason i was thinking laura all the way through. forgot that was rachel on WBPF, too. haven't listened to zolof in like a decade...
  5. i'm sure you saw by now but yeah, it's her. really glad to see them working with her again. has she guested on anything since upsides?
  6. ******** The EBAY Thread ********

    i ended the listings early for the records above, but you can still inquire about them if you'd like. offer still stands -- $3.50 each, with shipping covered also, feel free to make offers on these (as long as there are no bids) and i'll consider ending them early: first aid kit - america 10" (black /2,500, RSD 2014) florence and the machine - what kind of man 12" (baby blue /3,000, RSD 2015) florence and the machine - delilah 12" (blue /4,000, RSD 2016) neko case - fox confessor brings the flood LP + slipmat (red /1,600, RSD 2015)
  7. got you. honestly hadn't really looked at the track list. did their popularity spike more post-suburbia than post-upsides? feel like it might be true, but i really thought upsides was their watershed moment. not sure what those numbers would look like. suburbia still their weakest album to me.
  8. ******** The EBAY Thread ********

    my dudes -- got some penny records for you. $3.49 shipping because i gotta do first class because i live in hawaii now. such gold / maker / turnover / ivy league, tx - split 7" (silkscreen slipcover, #52/100, black) half hearted hero / earworms - suburbia split 7" (black /200) hundred acre woods / boxer - wax packs split 7" (black /750ish) broken field runner / deadhorse - wax packs split 7" (black /750ish) atmosphere - lake nokomis maxi single 12" (pic disc #798/5000, RSD 2014) frank zappa - don't eat the yellow snow 7" (#243/2500, RSD 2014) frozen OST 7" (pic disc /5000, RSD 2015) thievery corporation 7" (black /2500, RSD 2014?)
  9. what do you mean? do people hate on upsides now? serious question... i am so out of touch agreed... i skip every acoustic version i have. and madeleine, too. one of the weakest songs they've written. "christmas at 22" or bust
  10. Record Store Day 2017

    that's a damn shame, really. i haven't been overly excited about any release for at least a couple of years, but finding the mystery 7"s (and actively avoiding the spoilers) has been a lot of fun.
  11. Record Store Day 2017

    y'all will have to forgive me, as i log on about once a month these days, and given the new site layout i do not understand how to search within a thread anymore... was there a mystery side-by-side this year?
  12. done

  13. Albums That Should Be Pressed on Vinyl

    ha, same! i'm spinning (so to speak) the shit out of it again lately. "battle for hoth" is an all-timer for me. just a structure-less gem. about peter pan, no less.
  14. Albums That Should Be Pressed on Vinyl

    burden of a day has only been mentioned three times on this website, ever. this makes four. (one of them was in this thread for their album "oneonethousand.") metalcore is mostly a shit genre but some really good bands came out of it and got no love. odd project is one of them. burden of a day is another. very few metalcore albums that are still listenable 10-15 years later. naturally they get compared to underoath because they're a florida-based christian post-hardcore band. so, i'd like to nominate "blessed be our ever after." one day i'll just get the damn thing pressed myself. (also odd project's "the second hand stopped.")