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  1. 1. Agreed. 2. From what I can tell, only the first 5 soundtracks were released on Warner Sunset, the rest were on other labels. So probably a licensing thing. 3. Agreed again.
  2. Got this last night, spun it a couple of times, and it's an average Iron Chic record... which means it's one of the best records of the year! The cover on this thing is rad as hell too. The gold emboss details on the horns and teeth add a layer of creepiness to the artwork for sure.
  3. Oof, I'm not digging any of the songs I've heard from this at all. This is the kind of album that if it'd come out right after 40 Hour Train, mid-20s me probably would have disliked it at first, but I would have listened to it enough for it to grow on me. But now that I'm pushing 37, I'd rather just listen to music I actually like than wait for an album to prove itself as a grower to me.
  4. Interesting, I didn't realize that had happened. I still buy plenty of 7 inches.
  5. Missed out on the pink/clear, but snagged a purple. Have these guys dwindled in popularity or something? I only count 1,000 copies of this pressed (for now anyway) when BBC Vol. 2 had like over 5,000 pressed. In the past, there wouldn't have been any limited copies left a few hours after it went up.
  6. Is dead format.........dead?

    Once the community aspect dwindled, DF was like tracking your collection in a Word document. It barely qualified as a database, and it never got better. I switched to tracking my collection myself in a spreadsheet, and I've never looked back. At the time I made that choice, Discogs wasn't good for tracking specific variants, and I didn't have the time or drive to create my own submissions. Discogs has gotten a hell of a lot better since then, but I simply don't have the time to transfer over my whole collection at this point. Know who has two thumbs and won't miss DF?

    They posted a new track on Monday that was very well timed considering the shit that happened this past weekend... Ok, I can't get the video to embed correctly, but it's on their Facebook.
  8. Yeah, normally I wouldn't have to worry about buying tickets ahead of time for a TA show, but they're playing a much smaller venue than in the past.
  9. PO: GOLDFINGER - The Knife

    And a repress of S/T.
  10. I hope I'm wrong, but this sounds more like the end of No Idea altogether, not just a hiatus.
  11. I didn't try playing it and I ended up giving it away to someone. I remember that the Goo Gone didn't really get the adhesive off though.
  12. I only really gave it a shot once I'd gotten my replacement copy. I tried both hot soapy water and Goo Gone, and neither of them made much difference. I think to really get it off, you'd have to scrub the record hard enough that it'd wind up being unplayable anyway.
  13. RVIVR - The Tide

    Nice, snagged a white, even though I'm probably gonna try to hit up their show on Saturday.
  14. The Dopamines - "Tales of Interest"

    Snagged a clear!
  15. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    I saw on their Facebook announcement that they've been sitting on this album for a while now. It's probably just a gap release while they work on some new stuff. Did they ever get a new drummer though?