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  1. Yeah, normally I wouldn't have to worry about buying tickets ahead of time for a TA show, but they're playing a much smaller venue than in the past.
  2. And a repress of S/T.
  3. I hope I'm wrong, but this sounds more like the end of No Idea altogether, not just a hiatus.
  4. I didn't try playing it and I ended up giving it away to someone. I remember that the Goo Gone didn't really get the adhesive off though.
  5. I only really gave it a shot once I'd gotten my replacement copy. I tried both hot soapy water and Goo Gone, and neither of them made much difference. I think to really get it off, you'd have to scrub the record hard enough that it'd wind up being unplayable anyway.
  6. Nice, snagged a white, even though I'm probably gonna try to hit up their show on Saturday.
  7. Snagged a clear!
  8. I saw on their Facebook announcement that they've been sitting on this album for a while now. It's probably just a gap release while they work on some new stuff. Did they ever get a new drummer though?
  9. Snagged a MFATGGs, missed out on Direct Hit! but it's all good because I have the original pressing. That new cover art is rad as hell though.
  10. Hey, to each their own. I don't think they're bad by any means, they just never really clicked for me. This is a band that hasn't made the same album twice, so there's something for everyone, imo.
  11. I think they really found their groove with SS, and while American Ghetto was still good, ITMITC is easily my favorite record by them. Church Mouth and Censored Colors are totally forgettable to me, and Evil Friends...well, let's just say that if that was the first album they'd put out, I wouldn't have bothered with their second album. All that aside, it's crazy to me that these guys put out almost an album per year for until now. It's been almost 4 years since Evil Friends. Does anyone know why? Waiting out their contract with Atlantic? Did someone get married and have kids? Substance abuse issues? Something else?
  12. Digging the second single a lot more than the first, but I'll probably just download this.
  13. The best way to baby-proof your record collection...
  14. Wow, I wasn't expecting to be blown away or anything (as Derek said above, this band had their time and place for me, though it was my college years in my case). But this doesn't even sound like the same band anymore, and that shit was just terrible. I stopped following them after Meteora, but I listened to Hybrid Theory more times than I can count. I've always maintained that I'll never fault a band for not making the same album twice, but that doesn't mean the fans should be expected to like it, especially with a shift in sound this drastic when compared to their earliest albums. And in LP's case, they were one of the biggest nu-metal bands in the early 00s, and with those first couple albums, they did it well. But much like a lot of the ska and swing revival bands that hit it big a few years prior, they ditched their signature sound once it was no longer profitable or getting airplay due to oversaturation of the market. The bands that didn't found themselves dropped by their labels or just outright breaking up.