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  1. Welp, too bad they went the KRM route for this one. I'm happy to have a green copy coming my way and I'm happy knowing that some dipshit out there spent too much on a hoodie, a photo tee, a pin, and a patch just to get a blue copy. I'll be keeping this record forever.
  2. Why the fuck is the Seattle show on a Wednesday!? Uuuuuuuuugh.
  3. New Website Detects Deals On Amazon

    I prefer to think of it the other way around... I'm losing money by NOT getting some of these deals! This is great, and entirely too dangerous for my bank account right now.
  4. I might be willing to part with it, PM me an offer.
  5. I'd love to have this, but not for that price. This is a band I'd love to see a boxset from someday.
  6. Argh, I want this to go up for preorder already!!!
  7. I loved this album when it came out, but I now find Tim Armstrong's drawl more unlistenable than laughable.
  8. I use both, but Docs is my 100% up-to-date collection. I'm entering more and more stuff into Discogs as I get it, but it's highly unlikely that I'll ever go back through and enter my entire collection there.
  9. No Idea Collector's Corner

    Lol, OWTH is absolutely in the same wheelhouse as AM! and HWM. If you haven't heard them, give them a try. They're one of my favorite bands. Double lol, those weren't bands, they were other labels. And yeah, they all got screwed, or at least had stories of other labels getting screwed.
  10. No Idea Collector's Corner

    That's really disheartening, I always loved No Idea and own a pretty good chunk of their catalog. I guess this explains why they shut down their distro.
  11. 1. Agreed. 2. From what I can tell, only the first 5 soundtracks were released on Warner Sunset, the rest were on other labels. So probably a licensing thing. 3. Agreed again.
  12. Got this last night, spun it a couple of times, and it's an average Iron Chic record... which means it's one of the best records of the year! The cover on this thing is rad as hell too. The gold emboss details on the horns and teeth add a layer of creepiness to the artwork for sure.
  13. Oof, I'm not digging any of the songs I've heard from this at all. This is the kind of album that if it'd come out right after 40 Hour Train, mid-20s me probably would have disliked it at first, but I would have listened to it enough for it to grow on me. But now that I'm pushing 37, I'd rather just listen to music I actually like than wait for an album to prove itself as a grower to me.
  14. Interesting, I didn't realize that had happened. I still buy plenty of 7 inches.