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  1. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    ebay flash sale Today Only! Save $15 On Purchases of $75+ Shop now and save big. Use coupon code PSAVE15NOW. This exclusive offer ends today at 6PM PT.
  2. ANDREW W.K. ANNOUNCES RELEASE DATE FOR HIS NEW ALBUM: MARCH 2, 2018 FULL BAND TOUR STARTS THIS WEEK WITH ADDITIONAL SHOWS & UPDATED UK TOUR DATES Party God Andrew W.K. is thrilled to announce his first new full length album in over a decade. The LP showcases Andrew's signature style of blasting triumphant rock music, with an ever more epic expanses of energizing emotional ecstasy. "I'm going for the sound of pure, unadulterated power; every emotion, every thought, every experience, every sensation, every fear, every joy, every clarity, every confusion, every up, every down... all extruded and concentrated into one thick syrup of super life-force feeling, and then psychically amplified by the celebratory spirit of glorious partying," explains Andrew. The new release is out March 2, 2018 via Sony Music worldwide. Album title and cover art to follow.
  3. i used "rack3" the other day for an amoeba order for 10% off, just FYI to anyone going that route. haven't checked if it is still active.
  4. The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    new code elektro album Triads is up for preorder. looks like the color is already sold out, unless you grab the bundle with the last album http://icebergwebshop.bigcartel.com/products?search=code+elektro
  5. todays giveaway Today we have a few copies from the "HOME" original motion picture soundtrack on clear fuschia vinyl. Featuring pop songs from Chromatics & Symmetry on the A side with the ambient score on the B side. Fien Troch won best director at the Venice Film Festival for the film, and this week the score is nominated in Belgium. We are sold out of these in our store...New pressing on ivory vinyl should be here very very soon! email us with this subject line in all caps: "MAGAZINE...YOU'RE NOT WHAT YOU SEEM" to this address: [email protected] include: your current shipping address in the email we only have 72 copies... winners are chosen on a first come first serve basis. we ship throughout the galaxy. good luck & thank you for listening. xo johnny jewel
  6. Whats New on VC

    +1 on it being hard to read now the blues are too light
  7. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    15% at deep discount with AUTUMN. expires 9/13 at noon CT
  8. PO NOW: IAMX - Unfall

    from facebook, hopefully this means vinyl! Hey lovers, You might have seen a few IAMX releases disappear from the digital world recently. They will all be available again soon, as will be physical versions of ALL releases. Keep checking the IAMX storeMusicglue.com/IAMX or subscribe to the IAMX newsletter at iamx.fanbridge.com for updates.
  9. https://thecaretaker.bandcamp.com/
  10. just an FYI to folks: 'STAGE 3' vinyl will be released on September the 28th.
  11. The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    yeah i was just thinking the same thing. considering what they charge, and how barebones their releases typically are (i dont think any of them have come with inserts), they must be making a killing. there is no reason to be doing pre orders that are 6 months in advance anymore. its annoying because they do put out some of the best synthwave out there, so people, myself included, will continue buying.
  12. The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    new NRW preorder is up: Kristine - S/T https://newretrowave.bandcamp.com/album/kristine can listen here: https://kristineofficial.bandcamp.com/album/kristine
  13. Earache On Demand

    they lowered the target to 200 these two are going to press: Bolt Thrower "Cenotaph / Spearhead" Vinyl Morbid Angel "Heretic" Vinyl