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  1. or to play baseball
  2. it is really inexcusable to provide no status update 5+ months later, especially after this firebrand drama. i'm considering filing a claim with paypal and be done with it.
  3. can pick up the digital release of windswept for just $1 here: hoping it gets the normal italians do it better vinyl treatment.
  4. deep discount Enter coupon code TULIP and save an additional 15% on everything site-wide. Some restrictions apply. Discount applies to items only and not to shipping and tax. Coupon expires 5.18.17 at noon CT, and cannot be combined with any other offers.
  5. dig the one track they have up...might take a chance on it
  6. thanks...good price on this
  7. so does anyone have any idea when the NIN store preorders will start shipping?
  8. The 2017 edition split 7"s are Windowsill/Horror Section and Neon Bone/Grim Deeds. We're talking multiple variants here folks and plenty of test presses for contests and such. It's gonna be a busy year for the label so stay tuned and thanks for the support! never too much horror section!
  9. looks like a repress of 'Splinter' is up:
  10. yeah...ill probably see if i can sell my picture disc as id rather own it on black vinyl anyway.
  11. thanks for the heads up. 50 bucks i wasn't looking to spend but had to cop. great music and im a sucker for anything with kilian eng's artwork