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  1. Been gone for forever but had to pop back in for this. Thought it would never really happen. Enjoy it everyone!
  2. NBA Discussion

    ugh, KD sucks
  3. Recently Viewing

    everyone go see The Lobster
  4. well that seems like a waste of ian mcshane
  5. MLB Discussion

    the Astros struck out the Orioles 52 goddamn times in a 3 game series that's almost 2 per inning
  6. NBA Discussion

    Glad the Thunder are silencing all of the people who've said "The Warriors didn't get beat, they beat themselves." after every Warriors' loss. I've got no love for either team, but Golden State hype has been insufferable. It don't mean a thing without the ring. I'm hoping for Thunder/Raptors finals
  7. Tears for Fears covering the Twin Peaks intro (and adding lyrics)
  8. the show runners have said they only want to do one or two more season. hbo obviously wants it to go on way longer so who knows at this point. but they are definitely setting themselves up to finish off a bunch of storylines if they get their way
  9. that episode was bonkers i loved it
  10. ehhh whatever. dont really feel like getting into an argument i guess i prefer this to paper bag jokes and debate on the definition of "hiatus" though
  11. it's just as inspired as your "lol wut" comment we get it, you don't like the song and you're a badass rebel for disliking something brand new put out
  12. my mind was also blown that someone had a different opinion than you about the song so crazy
  13. after dozens of them in this thread, i think paper bag jokes are officially hacky now
  14. i think we've officially reached the tipping point where brand new posts are filled with more ironic comments than annoying fanboys i un-ironically really like the song and am looking forward to more new music and seeing them live in a month and half