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  1. bought. thanks! I really hope these do turn out to be 12"
  2. It sounds like these will get some kind of larger (probably still really limited) release online after the new year. According to the email, the 100x copies of each of the four titles comes in a handmade sleeve, but apparently there will be a second press in printed sleeves. Per the email: "a limited run of the above titles in printed sleeves will also be available through the band’s webstore in the new year."
  3. since we're doing this: Major/Minor Alchemy Index Beggars TAITA Identity Crisis TIOS Vheissu First Impressions TBEITBN
  4. Alchemy Index & Major/Minor are by far their best releases. Kicking myself for not picking up AI when it was released. Really excited to finally have an opportunity to get it at not-stupid prices.
  5. PO: Baroness - Purple

    fucking picture discs...
  6. came for the glassjaw lols. thread did not disappoint.
  7. Didn't need to give it a second thought. I'm in. I assume we're getting a regular full-length in 2018 as well. Looking forward to lots of new SUMAC!
  8. yeah, I caved and just ordered form VMP
  9. goddammit, missed that too.