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  1. [PO] Mogwai – Every Country's Sun

    I just got a shipping notification for the box set
  2. just when I thought I was out of the VMP game... Is there any indication that Sacred Bones is going to do a standard pressing? or is this a complete exclusive?
  3. PO now: Quicksand "interiors" out Nov 10th

    Maybe I had really low expectations for this album, especially given the first track they released, but the record is pretty darn decent. I couldn't expect a whole lot more from Quicksand in 2017. Sure, it's note Slip, but that was lightning in a bottle. My only complaint is that the record is a little one-noted, but I think it will grow on me over time.
  4. Album is really good. Shocker, I know.
  5. PO now: Quicksand "interiors" out Nov 10th

    I saw Rival Schools right after Ian left and Walter was covering it. Honestly, it was fantastic. I'm sure the shows will still be good. Seriously though dude, shoplifting?
  6. Konstantine would have been the only reason to get this ...if the price were reasonable. As it stands, ez-pass.
  7. [PO] Mogwai – Every Country's Sun

    As Derek alluded to, the album has leaked, and wow is it phenomenal. It wasn't at all what I was expecting upon first listen, but after a couple follow-ups, I'm in love. It is really subtle, and brilliant. It's like the bastard child of Atomic and Come On Die Young (more of the former, but moments of the latter). I have a feeling that after repeat listens this is going to crawl toward the top of my year list. Side note: I love Rave Tapes, 80s Martians, and oversized blasters.
  8. Really happy to see "Invocation" on the Source Tags reissue.
  9. Bought the deathwish. New songs rule.
  10. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    happy to see those One Week LPs!
  11. ^ So much this. The drums sound like butt compared to previous recordings. The snare really falls flat. I still haven't picked this up. The price + the lackluster production = it can wait.
  12. LOL and packaged in those heavy PVC bags that are sure to off-gas and ruin the record.