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  1. Got the bsides email yesterday morning. Nothing else though
  2. Finally!! http://www.bullmoose.com/p/25099248/braveheart-soundtrack
  3. I'm unable to make the show on May 6th. I have 2 tickets LC Orchestra row A seats 114 & 116 . $120 total. I have physical tickets so I'll mail them to you . Pm me if interested.
  4. Oh, no apology necessary at all!We all have our bad days.
  5. Obviously I wasn't being completely serious there. Although we already know that mark suffers from a mental illness: depression.
  6. Like, I'll admit that it took a while before benji clicked with me. But this is like ... near Wesley Willis level songwriting. I'm hoping it's all just some prank and he snaps out of it. Or we find out he has some kind of mental disorder or something. Then it'll make sense .
  7. ...It's hard to believe this is by the same guy that made some of the most poetically beautiful music ive ever heard.
  8. ...Still waiting for braveheart to be pressed.
  9. Officially sold out of the end of world edition.
  10. I had pretty much loved every rhp/mk/skm release until ATL, which I loved a couple songs off of (young love, black kite) . When benji came out I gave it a try, and it just didn't click. I hated the new style. Then a few years later I revisted it, and it clicked. Still some forgettable songs/lyrics on there, but it was focused. Now his stuff is not focused. The stream of counciousness stuff isn't working. I think that's my main issue. I would hold on to his records, though. I've heard him say a few times that he will not repress any of the Caldo Verde stuff as he "doesn't want them to be in thrift stores someday". Of course that could change, but it's a risk with him being such an old stubborn man now.
  11. I love this album. Definitely was influenced by early springsteen.
  12. Another great album from elbow. Can confirm the indie colored variant plays at 33rpm.
  13. Can't wait for this set. Comes out to 15 each single, with shipping included, which is around the same price as if they were sold one at a time on pax am. Let alone the cool extras included. Easy purchase.